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Tell me what you did with your flowers? Did you just leave them or toss them in the trash?

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I hand make all my wedding flowers from recycled vintage fabric and other vintage treasures, and I've recently been making my flowers in to bridal bouquets, its a great way to be eco friendly, and its also a great keepsake too, heres a pic

Or see more on my blog here
on my sisters wedding the bridesmaids took it to the cementary the next day. Especially since a close friend died recently and we placed them on so many tombstones that day. It was a great day!
Preserve them and then frame them. Some flower shops will do this. It isn't that expensive. It will make a great keep sake
Some people will take them to a nursing home or assisted living facility.  I would also recommend a shelter for battered women or a homeless shelter.  Any place where you think you might be able to cheer someone up with some beautiful flowers.  Of course, you want to schedule this well in advance to find out when the best time to deliver them is.  If you get flowers from a quality florist they will last much longer and be enjoyed by more people or for a longer period of time than from any of the big box stores or ordering them online.
Many of my brides either wait until the end of the night and offer them to close family and friends to take home.  Some will have them sent to a hospital, local church or nursing home.    On occasion, the bride and groom will leave them behind and ask for the wait staff of the venue to take them home to their families.
Professional bouquet preservation can be costly, and, being that you will be out of town, not very practical. Its a wonderful idea if its very important for you to keep the bouquet.I'm trying to figure out what I should do with wedding flowers after the big day from my own bouquet to centerpieces.If anyone wants the help for planning a wedding,then use the wedding app and make use of it.
We hung them upside down with a hanger and some fabric. Let them dry out and now use them as a centerpiece on our mantle. Great sentimental reminder from your wedding day! Got the idea from a friend.

if i  be you, i would  keep them and   post   online , and  sale them to other girls who need them to decorate

their  wedding.

I always thought about doing my own flowers, but got my mother in law to do them! It all looks so easy though! Wedding flowers are a better grade quality wise, they normally have to be pre ordered in as well, hence you won't find wedding grade flowers in supermarkets who just buy in standard 'red roses, 'white roses' etc rather than better grade varieties such as 'Passion' or 'Akito'.
donate or sale

Well great ideas have been discussed above. I think more you can do is that decorate your house with those flowers to let you and your husband enjoy the fragrance for days.

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