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I don’t want alcohol at my wedding. I don’t mean to be a Bridezilla, but I don’t want it.

I have a history of alcoholism all throughout my family line and I don’t want that temptation to be there for them. Not to mention the fact that my Christian beliefs keep me away from the nasty stuff to begin with. I’ve never seen anything good come from alcohol.

My fiancé’s family, on the other hand, believes the purpose of a wedding is to have an open-bar reception where everyone gets sloshed on the bride and groom’s dime.

I am sorry, but I would prefer my guests to be sober. The fiancé doesn’t drink. However, he wants us to have an open bar to please his family. He even said his parents will pay for every bit of the bar. I still said “no.” It isn’t about the price so much for me. I find it selfish for everyone to expect to get hammered at a reception on someone else’s dime.

Actually, even if it is on their dime, I still find that selfish. Getting wasted in general is a selfish act. The reception is supposed to be a fun way to enjoy the marriage. I never equated alcohol with fun. EVER. I know he doesn’t mind being the DD at other weddings, staying up until 3 or 4 a.m. driving all the drunkards to and from the hotels, but I do mind. If people can’t handle their alcohol, then they shouldn’t be drinking. Period.

He isn’t going to be the DD at his own wedding, so what does he expect to happen when everyone drinks too much to drive, (because we all know that will happen)? Is he just going to let them go on their way and hope they don’t die in some miserable crash? It is just one evening.

I think he and all of our guests can handle one night of sobriety. Hey, if they want to drink before or after the reception, that is fine with me. Just don’t do it at my reception.

If you don’t want to be at a dry reception, then don’t come. I need to stand my ground. I am (secretly) trying to find a reception venue that won’t allow alcohol. Problem solved. As long as he signs the forms before he finds out, all is well.

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