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Helpful Tips to Save Money on Your Wedding Budget

Taking the time to share the love between you and your partner is a wonderful thing and a beautiful experience for everybody involved. However, it can also quickly become a costly event, leading many couples to make cuts to their wedding and ultimately end up with an occasion which doesn’t accurately represent their feelings.


However, anybody who knows anything about planning a wedding knows that every bride can get the wedding the dream of, they just have to get a little creative, like with some of the tips below.


Give Your Florist the Chop!

Before you start to worry, the first tip isn’t going to tell you that you don’t need flowers. It is just telling you that you don’t need a florist.


With your bridesmaids, take some time to look online for wedding bouquet which is simple enough for you to make yourself. Once you have these designs, head to your local flower warehouses early in the morning and speak with some producers about the prices you can get directly from them. They are even likely to give you free samples of their flowers so that you can try out a few different arrangements before you commit.


Then, you and your wedding party can simply head to the warehouse the morning before your wedding, or even the morning before, with enough time to create your floral arrangements.


Utilize Vouchers and Discounts

Did you know that you can get the groom and his wedding party discounted suits from the Groupon Coupons page for Brooks Brothers? That’s right! Wedding suits for the grooms bought using vouchers. While you may think they are only for travel deals, voucher sites like Groupon offer discounts on a range of services and products, many of which you can use with your wedding plans.


Why Hire a Chauffeur?

If there is one thing which every bride wants to do, it is to arrive in style. However, those 30 seconds of arrival time often come at a high cost. Instead of hiring a cheaper, simply speak with a local vintage car hire service and speak with a groomsmen’s relative about driving you up to the wedding. Once you have arrived, the car can be immediately returned, meaning that you only have to pay for a shorter rental period.


Will Anybody Knows That It's Not New?

While it’s a lovely idea to think about a wedding dress which was designed especially for you, the truth is that these dresses can be incredibly expensive or result in limited options. Instead of visiting a designer wedding dress store, looking online for brides who are selling a dress which has little to no signs of wear. Additionally, social media can be a great place to find a beautiful wedding dress at a reduced price.While it can seem odd to be wearing another bride’s dress, it’ is important to remember that the dress is just an object at your wedding, and doesn’t represent your relationship.


A limited budget doesn’t have to mean a limited wedding, it just means creative thinking with tips like the ones above.

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