Do you think hand done calligraphy is a dying art or that it's more in demand than ever?

Anyone can print off anything with the very nice font selections that are now available. But there is nothing like the hand written addressed envelopes and place seating cards, all done by hand to grant importance to your invited guest, and definitely setting the tone for the wedding.

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There are so many options now as far as fonts - even actual calligraphy. I think that most brides unless they are having a very formal wedding are not opting for calligraphy, especially due to cost.

I have found that most of my brides may use calligraphy for personalized gifts, etc but not for the actual envelopes and/or place cards.

I think calligraphy is alive and well! In fact I am hearing from brides almost every day. I have two price points for my calligraphy: one is a script style which is $3.25 per envelope -- this is elegant and really for the couple that is having a high end formal affair who appreciates the finest detail. I also offer a more affordable option which is $1 per envelope in italics. This has been popular lately especially for save the dates and for place cards.
Here is some of my work:

I couldn't agree with you more. I had my best year ever in 2009, and January opened up with a huge gate, like never before. I have never seen such a busy start to the year ever, and I am already quite booked for weddings.
I think with anyone able to "print" a font from a computer, that the hand done calligraphy is more in demand than ever! My clients love the results of my work so much, that a bride who I serviced this week with over 300 envelopes hand addressed and done on time, was so amazed with the results she hugged me. She was thrilled about the results, and told me her fiance kept staring at the envelopes, while stuffing the invitations in and was amazed at how beautiful they turned out. Here is a sample of the style I serviced her with.


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