I have checked out goodorient(dot)com and I found my dress that I want for my wedding day. Unfortunately, I have fallen inlove with 2 dress. Please help me check out this dress. I need your opinions and ideas!

I don't know how to input images so this is the

first dress:

second dress:

Thanks for those who will help me!

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Hello! My advice would be to find dresses in that style and try them on. That way you know if you like the dress on you before you purchase it. Happy shopping!

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Definitely try them on first, but I like the first one - you are going to look beautiful either way
Thank you for your advice ladies. I'll be setting an appointment so that I may know how I will look like with those dress. :)
I think you need to figure out what you like about the dresses and if say you like the skirt on one, and the detail on another I can pass on details of a lady that may be able to help you out! x
Hey Roxanne, TIA for that wonderful idea :) I would post again the details so that you can help me out on this. :) Thanks!
For the price, I would purchase both. Wear one for the wedding and one to the reception. Who says you can't have two dresses? It's you day. I love both dresses and I don't know if I could choose between the two.
Well, I guess I have to talk to my husband if I can have 2 dress. :) Since the price is still affordable. :) Thanks!


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