“I’m on a budget and just can’t afford the extra expense of a wedding planner or bridal consultant. Isn’t that an unnecessary additional expense?”

A good wedding planner or bridal consultant is not an additional cost to
your overall budget. She or he can secure and negotiate vendor discounts that
aren’t available to you, saving you money in multiple areas. A wedding
planner or bridal consultant takes the stress out of the negotiation
process,helps you stay on budget, plus saves you money in valuable time
saved researching every little detail.

That Wedding Bridal Consulting: Turning Details into Dreams serves the Virginia and surrounding areas and is a Member of the Association of Bridal Consultants. Owner/Bridal Consultant, Elizabeth has 22 years experience and adheres to a
professional and personal code of ethics.

We believe planning your wedding should be a collaborative effort between all of your vendors and you.  We
want to know your vision and look forward to pulling all the details together for an incredible day!

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