Lead Follow Up- How can I follow up on a lead and not seem i'm a stalker...

I sent out 2 leads approx within a week or so (about 12 days). It may be safe to say that I did not get selected and I'm thinking about just following up.How many times or how soon after your reply do you follow up?

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I always follow up....send them a card to thank them for considering your services immediately if you have their address. If they were referred by another business, do the SAME. Then I would wait a few days, and give the customer a call..just to see if there is anything you can do to help..tell them if anything new came in..but keep it brief! In this ecomony customer service is a MUST if you want to "stand out". Some customers just need time. It's hard to tell what they want sometimes. Just do your best!
Whatever you do...do not give them the SKU numbers(the actual ones) or price lists of gowns, dresses..and do not let them take photos!!!! You are just doing the hard work you for another competitor..Customers will shop around and wheel and deal for the best price!, Cathy, Collezione Fortuna Fashion Boutique, www.collezionefortuna.com
I always have considered it reasonable to follow up about a week and a half to two weeks later. I never assume that I wasn't selected or chosen until I hear someone tell me "no, but thank you." When I first started my business, I learned the hard way and lost a sale because the competitor followed up on a wholesale account and I did not. Since then, however, I am always fairly prompt about follow-ups. I give the other party or company enough time to evaluate my material and/or product, compare it with others, and then make a decision. Then, I'm on the phone.

I also agree with Cathy below - too much info may give them fodder for price shopping - and then they might get your idea created by someone at a lesser price. It doesn't seem ethical, I know, but it does happen.

Good luck!
Thnx to all who replied to this. I am going to retweek my site and remove the package price of D-O-C and keep the percentage on the other two.
I have learned to followup and confirm appointments and not assume your Customer is going to remember! If they want to come in after hours..do it! It doesn't guarantee a sale but you just never know! I got a huge sale from a Mother of the Bride traveling 200 miles and found me on Google because the Bridal Shops in her area never returned her calls to confirm an appointment , and the ones she did see "pushed" old merchandise she didn't care for and felt they weren't meeting her needs. With everyone's busy schedule until they tell me "NO" I will continue to follow up until I get them in my door. Keep your customers and don't lose them to your competitors. They will tell others about your shop and give you referrals which is the best advertisement! Visit our shop Collezione Fortuna Fashion Boutique, Cortile San Remo Courtyard, Lincoln bet, 5th. & 6th., Carmel,CA 93921, (831)626-1287, www.collezionefortuna.com.


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