Whether invoking confusion, apprehension or anxiety, bride name change is complicated by technology, lack of knowledge and myth. So, as national expert on bride name change notification for 17 years, feel free to ask away.

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Traditionally, brides have chosen to take their future husband's last name. But, things have changed - I have seen grooms take the wife's last name and I have seen it as a hyphenated name with both last names. Personally, I think it should be whatever the bride and groom are comfortable with.
Thanks for the reply Heart And Soul Events! To address the option of "taking on" the bride's legal last name before marriage or even to make up a new last name, the following:

A few states actually allow for these options, but it must be declared at the time of the marriage license issuance. If not, then a revocation of the decision would take a court order. However, in most states the groom does not have the legal right to "take on" the bride's legal last name prior to marriage, or to "make up one" through the "getting married" process. Yet, this does not leave the groom out in the cold, as he can legally change his last name through a duly appointed court of law. So, there is the overview. There are of course state by state differences and the laws do change, but we shall keep the wedding community and brides posted over here at The Name Change Kit For Brides Software. Regards, Dr. Linda
Wow! Thanks for the clarification, Dr. Linda. I did not realize the laws are so in-depth about namechanging upon matrimony. Thank you for sharing. Connie
Hello Connie,

It is always a pleasure to be of help. And yes, you are right about in depth. Even with the help of my research staffers keeping up is tedious at best. Feel free to ask your name change questions at any time. Thank you for corresponding with me. Regards, Dr. Linda


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