I am beginning to work with brides and I am currently accepting check,money order or cash only and I am thinking about considering starting an account with Paypal to accept credit cards. Is it reccomended?


Yvonne L. (THe Blissful Bride)

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I recommend ProPay. I use ProPay to accept credit cards at shows. It's cheaper than PayPal. Here's a link to Why Choose ProPay?

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I like PayPal a lot. It helps me to get paid faster. Here is another vendor discussion thread about this... PayPal Discussion.
I love working with PayPal. I even have the PayPal Visa debit card which is attached to my PayPal account, so I can use it for buying supplies for my business as well. To me it is easy to use and they provide a great detailed statement to print out when tax time comes around. I am able to print professional receipts and shipping labels from the site as well. And since Ebay, Amazon and Etsy use PayPal, it now has that trusted brand recognition attached to it, so people feel comfortable using it. So, yes I would recommend PayPal.
Yes PayPal is great and you can also link it to a FREE invoice service
www.curdbee.com to make online invoicing easier.
Good Luck!!!
Hi Ybonne,

I use paypal for my jewellery business and its great. Many people choose the option to pay via credit card and it keeps all there details safeand secure!

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I use Paypal too. It's a little expensive but safe. Nothing is important than safety while paying.
I use Paypal on my business website because it is required by my business insurance. If you do use Paypal, describe on your website how to use personal credit cards with your PayPal account for payment processing. Paypal is still one of the most secure orders of payment processing online.
Thanks so much to everyone who replied. I am now on Paypal.
I actully love paypal. I use on Etsy and thru an online invoicing company called ZOHO. It's wonderful. It lets me send professional, personalized invoices and estimates, which gives you great credibility. The email comes with a simple link embedded in it to allow them to pay via paypal.


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