What are the common things bride or couples mistakes when choosing a wedding supplier?

I just want to get the opinions from all of the wedding suppliers like me..Please share..thanks

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Thanks everybody for sharing your greatest insight bout this discussion. your opinion really enlighten me a lot and may this 2011 be a prosperous Year for our businesses. Happy New Year
I am starting to realize the value of a planner. Most brides are young and really, they have no idea. Unless they have spent considerable time in the industry or studying it, they are clueless. I knew a woman who had been planning her wedding since the age of 13, no joke. Maybe this is normal? I spent zero time thinking about a wedding, then, I am a man. I also think the average person out there, not the fabulously wealthy, are programmed to go strait to "deal". So, the mistake then would be to not consult with a good planner, or, at the least, someone familiar with the industry... or, older and wiser.

I would say the most common mistake when choosing a supplier is choosing the supplier yourself! My husband and I chose a HIGHLY REFERRED wedding planner and we told her what we wanted and what we could pay, and she picked the suppliers. I spent my time before the wedding preparing for the marriage and let the wedding planner plan the wedding. I didn't want to rely on flashy websites or 10 DJ companies that emailed me because it is not like I know who is actually good or bad! A wedding planner gets to see those things over and over, that is why they are such a good investment. They will get you the most bang for your buck, if anyone is going to work a deal it is not going to be the bride! You only get married once, the only way a vendor gets repeat business is making the planner happy.


Two years later I am glad that we spent time communicating and preparing for the marriage instead of the flowers or favors or table cloths. I don't even remember the details! They were beautiful and I was glad I let the professional work out the kinks and specifics! I know how to keep my husband happy, fight fair, when we want children, who cleans the dishes, how we manage our money, and what our long term goals are... I am thankful I spent my engagement worrying about that instead of obsessing over the little things that don't really matter in the end. Brides, rely on your planner, they really do know best!!! Plan for your marriage, not your bridesmaid's shoes! No matter what you do, something WILL go wrong. Hopefully it will be the cake falling over and not your marriage!

Thanks you so much for your wonderful comments about wedding planners. God bless

Thank you so much for your words. After over ten year in this business, I can tell you it's difficult to find a person like you. Usually, our clients do not trust us. At the very beginning the make so many researchs by themselves and, when you meet them, they bring a book with all their question. It's just like an examination. If you pass, you get the job.

By the way, at the end of they day, when everything went exactly as they required, they have no words to thank you....

I should use your words to adv my company!!!!! 

You have my permission if it would help anyone out there, I just try to share the importance of over preparing for the journey ahead and not just the day!!! There isn't enough time to do both without help!




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I believe it is important for brides and grooms to do some homework before hiring the vendors, not asking all the questions will get them in trouble, and the fine prints are usually the ones that contain important information, ask the vendors for phone numbers of past brides and make the phone call! It can save you a lot of headaches.  The best thing to do is hire a Wedding Planner, we know the industry and who is who in the business so at the end it will be one of your best investments. 

The biggest mistake for me has to be couples making there choice on price alone.

Checking the quality of the products and the services provided by the supplier are the two main things the bride and groom should keep in mind.

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