I just read a great thread on LinkedIn about what prompts us as business owners to give away the store, so to speak, when pricing our services. Why do we over-share and under-price? I think there is an enormous emotional disconnect between who we think we are and what we think we're worth. It made me wonder what other questions were floating around about fees, pricing, talking price.

So, what troubles you about pricing?
What do you wish you know how to do better?
What advice would you give others on setting boundaries?

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Thanks for the link.  I'm just starting an invitation business and am feeling my way around pricing
Absolutely welcome. Lemme know how you make out with pricing
Yes I do have a business plan in the process. I have only completed one wedding- week of planning- in order to become certified. Glen, I do understand where you are coming from. I may have to adjust prices in six months to accomadate these things one I have an average to go off of. That is the only true way I can determine this accurately. thank you for your advice. And I would never call another planner underfalse pretenses, because I would not want another to do that to me.
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