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5 International Stag Do Destinations That Really Know How To Party

Going abroad for stag parties is gaining traction as a trend. With dirt cheap flight tickets, and super-cheap deals, a number of European destinations are now in the reach of any stag group.

Then, there are those who believe in going all out on their stag dos. Those, that believe that a stag do is an once-in-a-lifetime event, and is worth pulling all stops and going all out. If you are the latter, you have come to the right page.

If you have been given the responsibility of the best man, and want to organise a stag do activities that will put all other stag parties to shame, it is time to make the affair truly international. For a truly epic single life send off for the big lad, take the party to one of the following destinations, and we assure you that the party will only be remembered for all the right reasons.


If you and the lads are looking for something completely different from the regular European party scene, Dubai offers the perfect opportunity. The city is a perfect fusion of modern architecture, beaches, deserts, sand dunes, and a party crowd that believes in insane all-nighters. What more could a stag group really ask for?

Step into this Middle-Eastern party heaven that offers a lot more than a hangover. With plenty of adventure sports to choose from, your days in Dubai will be spent controlling your racing heart, which is usually a result of too much adrenaline rushing through your veins.


Everyone knows what goes around in Bangkok. The country itself is famous Worldwide for a party scene of truly epic proportions. Nightclubs, strip joints, sky bars, underground drinking clubs, foreign students on gap years, there is hardly anything awesome that is not available in the city.

However, Bangkok offers a lot more than films have led us to believe. We’re talking about tiger temples, mouth watering food, insects on sticks, and an insane beach party scene in Phuket. Not to forget, there are more watersports on offer than you can count, leaving no time for the lads to sit around and face boredom.

Las Vegas

Anyone that has seen the famous Hollywood blockbuster The Hangover knows what’s up with America’s party capital. If you truly want a legendary farewell to the single life of the big lad, you probably cannot do better than Las Vegas.

Las Vegas takes stag parties very seriously. You and the lads will soon realise that when you’re touring through some of the best nightclubs and strip joints on this planet. The infamous Strip offers more options that one can possibly comprehend, for everything from booze to beauties. Taking the stag do to Las Vegas guarantees a good time of epic proportions for the guys.


We’ve saved the last for the best. Cancun is truly a stag party heaven. This is Mexico’s answer to Vegas, just better. Stunning beaches that stretch beyond your field of vision, hot tanned women that are barely wearing anything, and more tequila than your body can possibly digest, Cancun offers more than what any stag group can handle over a weekend.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that Cancun is just beaches and bikini-clad women. On the contrary, Cancun is a 24-hour party paradise with glittering casinos, superclubs, show bars, show girls, and a variety of crazy adventure activities. All of this, against a breathtaking backdrop of Mayan temples and awe-inspiring beaches.


As more cities open their doors to stag groups, the stag party is becoming a more serious affair. Stag groups nowadays have more options than ever before, be it in terms of cities, or in terms of activities. If you feel like making the choices has become difficult, get in touch with our experts, and we’ll sort everything out while you take credit for a stag do well done.

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