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In Mike Michalowicz's article, 6 Business Resources You Aren’t Using, he reminds us that just about every small business owner needs some resource assistance from time to time. And if you can find some that are low cost or affordable, like the seven below, you will be at an advantage.  I've taken Michalowicz's advice and added a wedding industry lens to it:


  1. Family. If you read my blog regularly, you've heard me say that my husband is my editor-in-chief (aka my proofreader).  Remember that your family is a great resource for getting additional (and honest) feedback and help.
  2. Mastermind. Belonging to a mastermind can be a fun. All you need to do is form a group of around six to eight people, who are non-competing wedding vendors.  Then, meet once a month and solve problems together. Remember, you are not there to give advice to others, or ask for it. Rather, the point is to learn from one another by sharing experiences.
  3. Library. Everything you are experiencing has been already solved and it is in books at the library just waiting to be used. Plus, many libraries have a whole collection of digital books that you can access in minutes and read from your computer.
  4. Chamber of commerce. Joining your local chamber of commerce costs very little, yet it puts you immediately in front of small business owners and big business personnel. Attend the meetings, listen, share, and get to know those in the group. These meetings are a great place to network. You may even find a few people there to be a part of your mastermind.
  5. Associations. NAWP, ABC, NACE, and AFWPI are just a few of the more popular wedding associations.  Although they can be quite helpful, many people tend to overlook them. Try joining at least for a year to see if you feel it is worth it.
  6. Local college. Whether you're looking for interns, additional employees, or free advice from professors - local colleges are a good place to tap into when you need people to advance your skills in a particular area.
  7. BONUS.  BridalTweet's wedding community offers over 50 free articles containing wedding business and wedding marketing advice.  Have you taken advantage of this expert advice yet? 


What new resources have you used in the past year to help your business? Please share your thoughts below with our wedding community.


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Comment by Dressy Girl Kouture on September 13, 2011 at 12:13pm
Thanks very much for this really informative piece...
Comment by Camille DeWeese on September 13, 2011 at 12:21pm
Greeting Bridal Tweet,
Thank you for this was thought provoking and I will try alot of the advice given to boost my new business! Thanks again,
Camille-Chanelle's Weddings
Comment by Happily Ever After Boutique on September 13, 2011 at 1:44pm
Great information and resources! Thank you so much!
Comment by Candace Polk on September 17, 2011 at 10:12am
Great article!

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