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Hey Guys!  I just joined Bridal Tweet and I'm excited to get to know everyone.  I'm the owner of a small production company, Raw Fiction Pictures, that specializes in wedding and event videography, documentaries and short films.  We just recently got into the wedding business.  Here is a sample of our work and I would love any and all advice on how to market ourselves.

Thanks for your time!

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Hey Raw Fiction Pictures.....I checked out your website wanting see more of your work????post more samples of your work posted to your website, brides are visual and they want to see what you do. January is the start bridal show season, get sign up and showcase your work!  Networking is a must, Welcome to Bridal Tweet! love the wedding trailer looking forward to seeing more of your work and working with you soon! Do you have a Face book? Like us and we will like you too!

Best of Luck!


California Sol Creations

I'm  new here too.

Wish you a happy New Year and every success in your  business.

Welcome to Bridal Tweet and congrats on your new business

Welcome to Bridal Tweet, where are you located?



Thank you so much for the support, and happy New Year to you guys as well! Ebony, thanks for your tips. We'll be adding more content as soon as we have it and we'll definitely check out some bridal shows.  We currently work out of Las Angeles and Orange County but we are always looking to film events in other locations as well!    


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