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You're on the most special path towards your wedding day. One of the stops you'll make before you get there, though, is the engagement photo shoot. An engagement photo shoot is a special photo shoot with you and your partner in a beautiful, unique location. Engagement photos typically take place…

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Top Seven Wedding Destinations in Rome

Top 7 Wedding Destinations in Rome

Rome, Italy or otherwise known as the Eternal City is known for rich history, beautiful architecture, and a…


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A beautiful destination wedding at Dreams Palm Beach, Punta Cana



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Trash the Dress: Autumn ♥ Brian

Check out the entire post at…


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Cheatsheet for all future brides planning a wedding!

Getting married soon? Make sure you go through this list that I didn't have!…


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Moving in Together: 4 Steps for Newlyweds Making the Move

Tying the knot is a big deal. Moving in together right after marriage is just another part of the vital transition process. If you’re newly married and excited about a brand new life at home with your better half, substantial preparation is key. Wedded bliss is all about careful planning and a mutual…


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5 Mistakes You Can’t Afford on your Wedding Day

Every bride who’s already had her big day will tell you that, regardless of all the small glitches and even unexpected turns of events, it was still the most magical day of her life. Well, this one goes for all the brides-to-be. The best…


Added by Cristina Nika Kask on May 29, 2018 at 4:07am — No Comments

A Bride’s Guide to Surviving the Week Before the Big Day

The big day is just one week out. Your wedding plan book is falling apart with all of the double and triple checking you’ve been doing. Let these last minute tips give you some insight into what your final week should look like before you say “I do!”



Added by Emma Sturgis on May 30, 2018 at 4:04pm — No Comments

Wedding Flowers Symbolic Meaning

It’s no secret that every couple wants their wedding day to be special and beautiful: a day that will be remembered by both for years to come. After all, weddings are a time for reflections and traditions that help us centre on our…


Added by Shannon Lochwood on May 25, 2018 at 7:36pm — No Comments

5 Dumb Mistakes One Can Make with Their Wedding Photos

Photos are one of the most exciting elements of a wedding. It is these photos that you will latch onto for your entire life when you have a receding hairline or a wrinkly face and the memories start fading. So, always make sure that the photos of your wedding capture all the special moments and give…


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Spring Wedding Myths That Holds You Back-Busted!

Spring is the most beautiful season associated with weddings and why not, it is the season of blooms, fresh produce, longer days and chilled cocktails that are ideal concoction for a fabulous wedding ceremony. While the …


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Creative Aesthetics: Unique Ideas for Wedding Venues

Weddings and photography go hand in hand. Sometimes the best place to be photographed can also be the best place to be married. There are many regularly used backdrops such as the beach, grand parks or landmarks, famous buildings or estates, and there have even been some…


Added by Dixie Somers on March 27, 2018 at 2:24pm — 1 Comment

How to Choose Your Dream Wedding Dress

A stunning bride is every bride who is happy and smiling on her wedding day. But each bride has a different opinion about how she wants to look like on her big day, and that look is usually planned out to the smallest of details months – if not even years – before the actual…


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Amazing wedding photo trends you'll love in 2018

As we all know, there are many photo trends all over the bridal magazines, different websites, and blogs and with that many options, it is extremely hard to choose a perfect one for your wedding. To help you with your choice we have made a list…


Added by Leila Dorari on April 26, 2018 at 8:55am — No Comments

5 Pre-Wedding Photography Mistakes to Avoid

Your pre-wedding photos are going to be prized possessions for the rest of your life, and that is why you want to make sure that they are absolutely perfect. A little extra planning and research could help you avoid major problems on the day of the shoot. Here is a look at some of…


Added by Dixie Somers on April 30, 2018 at 5:00pm — No Comments

9 Wedding Dress Ideas Inspired From Wedding Invitations

Wedding stylist and planners are the one who establish the key trends for wedding every year. Right from the wedding color schemes to wedding themes, wedding cards inspirations, and lot more. They also decide the most trending wedding dresses and this year; all the wedding dresses are supposed to match the online wedding invitations ideas. Check out our top 9 wedding dresses ideas that match the…


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Adorable Ways To Include Your Pet At Your Wedding!!

Pets are damn adorable and when you cannot leave them alone even for a single minute how can you leave them during your wedding day. If you love your pets enough, they are indeed supposed to be an inseparable part of your wedding too. But, how? Well, here are some adorable ways to include your pet at your wedding.…


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Bachelorette Essentials: How to Make Your Party Monumental

As your time as a bachelorette comes to a close, it’s an exciting time that deserves a celebration. This is why bachelorette parties are such excellent ideas. There are a few ways that you can thoroughly enjoy a good time and make sure that you remember the memories for a lifetime. As the day of…


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Top 10 Wedding Color Palettes Combo that Will Be Huge In 2018!!

A wedding in 2018 is surely not going to be boring as pantone has already given us colour inspiration by declaring ‘Ultra-violet’ as the colour of the year. Along with this colour, there are various other colour palettes that be huge in 2018. If you are planning to get married in 2018, here are the best wedding colours…


Added by 123WeddingCards on March 30, 2018 at 8:34am — 1 Comment

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