7 Amazing Wine Regions for Your Wedding

Your wedding is one of the most amazing days of your life. You’re getting ready to start a whole new chapter of your life with the one you hold dearest to your heart. Before your fairytale happily ever after can begin, though, there are so many things to take care of for the wedding. One of the most stressful things about wedding planning is finding the right venue.

If you and your SO want something romantic and sophisticated, you should definitely choose a wine region. Not only will your day be celebrated in pure luxury, but you and your guests will also get to enjoy some high-quality wine. Our of all the wine regions out there, let’s see which are the most romantic and fit for weddings.

1. The ancient ways of wine in Virginia

The wine tradition of Virginia goes all the way back to Thomas Jefferson, believe it or not. His legacy served as the foundation of Virginia’s vibrant and tasty wine industry. Charlottesville is especially praised for its wine tradition, especially since the venue offers extravagant scenic views, too. This magnificent farmland is dotted with white picket fences and hills upon hills of green. There are even horses that freely graze on the fresh grass, taking you to a place you can only see in storybooks.

Charlottesville is a typical college town which has a lot of historic inns, hotels, resorts, and B&B’s. In other words, you can have your dream wedding here regardless of your preferences and your budget. While you’re here, take a chance to walk the University of Virginia’s campus at dusk, as you’ll see the most beautiful sunset. It’s simply a shame to spend the entire weekend in the countryside, no matter how beautiful it is. The building of the University has been recognized as a World Heritage Site, so why not take this opportunity to marvel at its beauty.

2. Welcome to Spain - the country of wine

One European country that’s famous for its long wine tradition is definitely Spain. One of the best wine regions you can visit in Spain is just half an hour away from Barcelona, which allows you to mix the old and the new effectively. Cavas Codorniu has been in the Cava family for ages, allowing the family to perfect the winemaking process and make something truly wonderful out of the vineyard. In fact, the tradition goes back so far that even the first bottles of Spanish sparkling wine were produced in the same style as French Champagne. 

For those who don’t know, that means that tradition stems from the 16th century. The Cellar Gran should be your go-to reception venue, while the ceremony can be held under the magnificent arches of Sala Puig. Spain offers numerous opportunities for romance and fine wine, and you’d be a fool not to take advantage of them all.

3. Start the honeymoon early in Chile

Choosing an exotic destination like Chile means that you’ll instantly get to switch to the honeymoon mood as soon as you say “I do.” Your wine country wedding is best set in Santiago, where you can fit your whole wedding party in a bohemian-style hotel (Maison Italia) that looks onto a vineyard valley. In fact, Casablanca is one of Chile’s most famous and sophisticated valleys which is only an hour’s drive from the capital city. 

You could even get married in a vineyard if you so wish, as Viñamar vineyards are accustomed to providing the most romantic experiences and weddings to happy couples. After that, you’ll get to enjoy the reception indoors with the fine wine of the same winery. All that’s left now is to book your honeymoon wine country tour that’s bound to change the way you look at wine forever.

4. United as one in Hunter Valley

Australia is famous for many things, though not many people know it’s also famous for its fine wine. One of the best regions in the land Down Under is Hunter Valley. Here, you and your guests will get to walk across the endless rows of green which only look better when the sun starts to set. Such scenery will make your wedding in Hunter Valley unforgettable, make your photos remarkable and provide an authentic romantic touch for the ceremony. 

The best Hunter Valley accommodation is also available for you and your guests, so the whole ceremony will pass in absolute perfection. As well as the mesmerizing villas and scenery, you’ll also get to taste Australia’s most famous wines. The region is home to plenty of family cellars, which means the wines are made with love and care. The wine-making tradition here is ancient, so you’ll really be getting a taste of the best Australia has had for centuries.

5. Tying the knot in Napa

The United States may not be your first association to love and romance, but the Culinary Institute of America is working hard to change that. The campus now includes landmark buildings. The impressive architecture and design are yet to leave anyone breathless. This used to be a monastery and a winery but is now the home of so many different venues, each perfect for a wedding of a different theme. Before you decide to book a venue within the Institute, it’s advisable to tour it. 

You will get to taste the finest wines America has to offer, and you’ll love every minute of it. The Napa River is bound to set the atmosphere better than anything else and enhance the romance factor. As well as that, you’ll get some amazing wedding pics you couldn’t get elsewhere.

6. An Italian fairytale

The Masciarelli Castello has wedding written all over it. This venue was originally a wedding gift from the husband to the wife. The venue was later restored as the 17th-century baronial mansion and serves as a testimony of a time long gone. The restoration allows you to enjoy this venue in a way few others before you could. If you’ve been dreaming of a fairytale wedding, you can’t miss the opportunity to get married in this ancient and ever-romantic Italian manor that could very well be the venue of your dreams. The castle is also surrounded by lush lawns, vineyards, and olive groves, thus furthering the illusion of a fairytale.

Your whole wedding party can fit in the castle, too. This is the perfect way to give your guests a unique wedding experience and treat them to something truly special. You’ll also have a magnificent view of Abruzzo, allowing you to snap some amazing pics. If the weather is nice, you can hold your ceremony in the vineyard and have a picknick-like party that your guests are bound to love. After all, what’s better than ancient culture, mesmerizing wedding grounds, and fine wine? 

7. Under the warm Californian sun

Santa Barbara is one of the most mesmerizing regions of California. Anyone who’s ever been to Southern California will tell you how beautiful it is and how the sunsets and sunrises are like nothing you’ve seen anywhere else in the world. Santa Barbra is perfect for those who like to have multiple options to choose from.

You’ll find cute wine country towns that are perfect for the rustic and romantic atmosphere you’re after, but you can also come across urban tasting rooms in the Funk Zone. Wine will be the centre of your wedding regardless of if you go for the modern or vintage style wedding. What’s more, you won’t even have to choose between just one venue for each style. Instead, before you choose a venue, explore all the options that welcome receptions and vows.


As you can see, there are a lot of romantic wine regions out there. This list will help you and your soon-to-be spouse pick out the venue that speaks most to your souls. You’ll get to tailor this amazing day completely to your preferences and tastes, which will in turn guarantee you have the perfect day. Even though wedding planning can be stressful, remember that it’s worth it. There’s nothing that you won’t be able to accomplish together, united as one in your favourite wine region in the world.

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