13 Reasons You Must Consider Hiring a Wedding Planner

If I were to get married all over again, the one thing I'd change would be that I'd hire a wedding planner.  Here's why.  Planning my wedding all by myself was stressful, overwhelming and by the end, I just wanted it to end.  Don't get me wrong.  It was a beautiful day that I will cherish forever.  But it could have been MUCH easier.  And much more enjoyable.  Have you ever wondered if you should hire a wedding planner?  To help you make this difficult decision, I reached out to expert wedding planners.  Below is a list of the best expert opinions on this topic.  And after you read these compelling reasons from the experts, you might just want to check out BridalTweet's list of our 50 favorite wedding planners.  Enjoy...

1.  You'll need to have a problem-solver on-hand to take care of the unexpected moments on one of the biggest days of a couple's life. From dress straps that break to tuxedo buttons that pop off to the wrong number of place settings at tables to covering up an eyesore on the wall of the ceremony site, these are the types of issues that wedding planners spontaneously tackle on wedding day. When a wedding planner is part of your wedding team, usually the couple never even knows there was a problem, and they are able to just enjoy the day! - Camille McLamb of Camille Victoria Weddings LLC

2.  It WILL save you money! A seasoned planner has a network of competent and qualified professionals in every price range. A good planner can select vendors in your price range, who will understand your vision. And, it will save you money and time. -  Wendy Hartigan of Angel of Hearts Weddings

3.  Wedding planners are more than decorators, more than coordinators, more than budget maintenance.  Wedding planners are the one constant in that whirlwind process for planning the most amazing day of your life.  Wedding planners become true friends.  Our clients become part of our lives.  We share ideas, we share vision, we find venues, and vendors that will complete that vision on the budget that we have to work with.  Our job is to plan your wedding, not your mothers, not ours, but yours.  - Cathy Zuniga of www.paperieandco.com

4.  The right connections and expertise.  Choosing the right vendor for the job is essential and a wedding planner can help you distinguish between the areas professional help is needed and the areas you can do yourself.  Your wedding planner knows the strength and weaknesses of vendors in the industry, which is crucial in finding the right vendor. - Marilse Statie - Teixeira Brazao of Celebrations!

5.  Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. Why take a chance with it? Dream about what you would like, but let a trained professional help your wedding dreams come true and also save on time and under budget ! Professional wedding planners can manage the hard work for you, so you can spend more time with your family and friends and truly “Be a Guest at Your Own Wedding”. - Caren Jeanty of Moongate Wedding Event Planner

6.  Ignorance Is Bliss.  It’s better to blissfully celebrate the day without knowing all the near-disasters that your wedding planner has secretly handled behind the scenes.  And much better than you trying to handle the surprises yourself. - One Day To Treasure Weddings & Vintage Rentals

7.  It is essential - especially for a destination wedding, where everything is taking place in a foreign country and often with a different language involved. The Wedding Planner is like a theatre or film director, ensuring that everyone plays their part impeccably and has the right lines on the day  -  in this case the 'actors' are the venue, the celebrant, the florist, the chef, the champagne, the music and the DJ! - ANNE AGER of Côte Weddings

8.  You'll be signing contracts and agreements.  Since most couples have never been married before, they are likely not familiar with the various terms and references in the multitude of wedding related contracts and agreements they will be signing.  Wouldn't it make sense for couples to arm themselves with a professional wedding planner who can help them capitalize on "exceptional value" and steer clients away from seemingly "cheap" things that end the end will cost them a whole lot more? - Wendy Lee of https://asianfusionweddings.com/

9.  Peace of mind!  With a wedding planner, the couple will (among other things):

  • know that their vendor service team is top notch, and fits their style and budget
  • know that the timing of their wedding day will go smoothly, and the way they want it to be (not how someone else thinks it should be)
  • be able to relax and enjoy their wedding day without having to worry about a thing
  • know that their loved ones can also enjoy their wedding day and not have to "work"
  • be able to remain stress-free through the entire planning process and the big day
  • receive advice and suggestions that are unbiased, have you and your event in mind

- Jean Neuhart of Weddings From The Heart

10.  We know what needs to be done.  It’s daunting to many couples once they realize just how many suppliers there are out there to have to deal with and how many people are involved in the planning and coordination of a wedding, whereas, it isn’t to a wedding planner – we have or can recommend suppliers we’ve worked with on a regular basis and we know how to get the best possible pricing, and the best results, from them.  We know what needs to be done, can practically do it in our sleep, and we will keep track of all a client’s deadlines, reminding them when things need to be done or decisions need to be made. When using a wedding planner, nothing will ever be overlooked and there’s no danger of something going amiss on your big day because of poor preparation.  - Cheri Pope of Forever I Do Weddings & Special Events Inc

11.  Wedding planners are  good listeners, mediators, advocates...and are patient, understanding and supportive. Planners will work 24-7 when necessary and keep couples on time and within their budgets.  - Pearl Walden Thomas of Rubies & Pearls

12.  It allows couples to relax, enjoy their day, and actually celebrate with their guests.  No matter how organized the couple, how many lists they make, and how proactive they try to be, there will be a few unexpected hiccups on their day. Having a professional there all day to solve these problems takes an incredible strain off of the couple and allows them the peace of mind to be truly present and enjoy the experience of being the bride or groom.  - Unmistakably You

13.  A wedding should be a joyful experience, so my ultimate reason to consider a Wedding Planner & a Wedding Coordinator is to have fun throughout the organizational process AND on the wedding day.  A Wedding Planner suggests, guides, solves problems, mediates, saves time and money, involves proven qualified professionals, keeps track of expenses and payments, is you shoulders to cry on when under pressure, or your best friends to share fears and secret emotions. A Wedding Planner is all of this and more, but most of all is your pal in making the organization of the wedding a stress-free, funny, memorable experience. - Monica Gobbi D'Alò (MGDA) of https://www.mgdaeventi.com 

Still struggling to find the best wedding planner?  Here are 50 of our picks for the best wedding planners.  Check them out and you just might get the wedding of your dreams!

Comment by Before the Bells on March 24, 2019 at 10:29am

Many brides don't have the experience or think of the detailed task needed to plan a wedding whether large or small.  Something as small as a tray of cheese, crackers and fruit for the bridal to eat while getting dressed (don't want anyone to faint during ceremony) or considering transportation guide for getting to the ceremony and back home.  Even that unexpected emergency.  We suggest a emergency kit with....Tylenol, band-aids, needle and thread, gum, double stick tape.  We create a detailed plan to help you keep on track minute by minute.  We would love to make your day a calm and memorable one  Please schedule an introduction with Sharon Sargeant at https://calendly.com/beforethebells

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