10 Wedding Music Trends

What will your guests remember about your wedding?  It will be the music.  The dancing.  The fun.  And the pure joy.  Wedding DJs and musicians hold a lot of power because they certainly know how to dial up the fun factor of your wedding.  And they certainly know how to make memories.  I've reached out to thousands of wedding entertainment experts to find out what the hottest wedding entertainment trends are for 2016.  Their answers are listed below.  And to help you choose a DJ or musician for your wedding, check out BridalTweet's list of our 50 favorite DJs & Musicians.  Enjoy...

1. Guilty pleasure songs. Songs that people love to dismiss but sing privately in the shower or in the car on the way to work. The Y2K Boy Bands, Britney Spears, and Spice Girls are hotter than ever and bring back the kid in everybody. It's great from a DJ perspective because you could be in the middle of a set and then flip the switch to a guilty pleasure and the floor just stops in it's tracks with 100 faces staring right at you followed by the look of excitement while exclaiming, "That's my JAM!"  But guilty pleasures aren't just limited to boy bands... One of my most successful off the cuff music choices of 2015 was Queen's epic anthem, Bohemian Rhapsody. - Aaron DeMarest of Pryme Tyme Entertainment

2.  With innovative wedding spaces comes innovative lighting.  We are seeing a huge up-tick in tent and barn weddings.  Couples are looking for unique venues and are shying away from the hotel ballroom feel for reception sites.  With that, a whole new avenue of lighting services has come our way.  From bistro string lights, to chandeliers and wash lighting - we are transforming these open spaces into an amazing array of color, texture and glitz. - Rob Alberti of Rob Alberti's Event Services: DJ - Lighting - Photo Booth

3.  A trend I see is couples' willingness to do something silly, crazy, unique in their entertainment activities.  Everything from a choreographed mashup first dance to a New Orleans style Second Line March through the hotel lobby to their ballroom. With some encouragement, and a little guidance, we create these magical memorable moments. - Chicago Wedding DJs

4. An "Old World" refined European look has become more popular. Nothing compliments such an ambiance like the harp and a repertoire of classical music. Even popular music sounds elegant on the harp and, since it plays all the parts, it can stand beautifully alone. The harp makes any event extra special! It's pretty to look at as well as to hear and is especially appropriate for the ceremony or cocktail hour. - Margaret Sneddon of www.hudsonvalleyharpist.com

5.  Play what you like.  Who says you have to have the traditional songs that everyone knows and loves at your reception? Want to know a little secret? Your wedding DJ (hopefully us!) works for you, not your guests. Introduce your guests to some of your favorite songs or maybe songs that mean a lot to your relationship. 2016 weddings are breaking the limits so go ahead and break out that alternative, gospel, bluegrass, jazz or anything else that tickles your fancy to make your day uniquely you! Play what you like! - Ramsey Coates of https://www.anydaydj.com/

6.  Live musicians are singing to many couples' first dance songs. They have really taken it to the next level as well, hiring some pretty big local talent to perform for them. Being in Memphis really helps since we have such a huge professional music community here. It has been a treat to be a part of something this special, and it helps us grow from just being great DJs to being great DJs AND sound engineers.  - Jimmy Harris of DeepBlu Entertainment

7.  Emotional connections are big.  A trend we are seeing is clients who want more than just music. They want a more emotionally engaging experience.  Of course music is important, but in these digital days, music is readily available. Lighting is big, both uplighting and dance floor for a night club look. But, despite this technical backdrop, the way the DJ pulls it all together, to create a truly entertaining memorable event and keep the guests there having fun all night is even more demanding than just playing music.  Age differences melt away, laughter and cheering washes across the room and everyone feels like one big happy family. - Ron Finlay of Perpetual Rhythms

8.  Brides today want to hear their own unique music as they walk down the aisle.  Traditional music is fine, but only if that is what the couple wants.  Music creates an experience; in today's weddings, experience is King! - Linda Smith of Notes of Celebration

9.  One of the things I've noticed is that the receptions have become less formal than in the past.  Brides and Grooms insert their own unique personality into their events and I'm seeing more theme receptions. I recently did  a 50's style Grease wedding where all the guests dressed in costume.  We all had a great time dancing to the oldies.  We are also doing slide shows of important moments in the lives of the couple.   The Moms and Dads are also more involved in the reception and get on the dance floor and help to get the party in high gear.   The main thing is to remember that this is a once in a lifetime event and your choice of a DJ can make or break your special day. - Robert Riggio of https://rrrmusicdjservice.com/

10.  Fun.  Get your guests involved. Don't let them just sit at the table and talk, get them up to enjoy the activities. Make sure your DJ can do more than just put on another song, find one with personality, one that will liven up the crowd. Get them dancing having fun in groups. Remember you are trying to join two families together.  This is the Social event of the year...make it so. Another great way to bring everyone together is with a Photo Booth. When hiring a photo booth, see if they will do an open booth format so more than 4 People can get in the picture, see if you can fit 20... The more the merrier. Make sure they have great props, as the guest warm up the zanier it gets. - Vince Maggio of Dixieland Photo and Photo Booth Rental

Still struggling to find the best wedding DJ or musicians?  Here are 50 of our picks for the best wedding DJs and Musicians.  Check them out and dance the night away!

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