13 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Wedding Photographer

Choosing a photographer for your wedding is a BIG decision.  This is the person that will capture your day's most precious moments.  Your wedding day will have an end - but your photos will last forever.  So, how do you pick a wedding photographer?  To help you, I reached out to our community's expert wedding photographers.  Below is a list of questions that they photographers believed you should ask them before you hire them.  And after you read these compelling reasons from the experts, you might just want to check out BridalTweet's list of our 50 favorite wedding photographers.  Enjoy...

1.  What type of personality does the photographer have?  How does he/she handle stressful situations and interact with guests at weddings? - https://www.walstonphoto.com/

2.  Do you have back-up equipment?  Do you have an assistant and/or second photographer?  - Karen Skelly Photography of www.karenskellyphoto.com

3.  Do you have a business license, carry liability insurance and comply with all state and local laws that pertain to the operation of a business? Could you provide me with a copy of (or show me) your business license and certificate of insurance? Ambler Brown Photography

4.  A critical question these days is does the photographer have experience shooting in natural light AND using artificial lighting.  I've seen the results of natural light photographers that do a great job outside in the daytime, but have trouble shooting in a dimly lit reception hall at 8pm.  - Nathan Simmons of In a Lifetime Photography

5.  How do you interact with couples on their wedding day? Will you be telling us what to do throughout the day, let moments happen naturally as you photograph them, or a bit of both? - Rabbat Photography

6.  Have you shot a wedding at my venue or a venue similar to mine?  How the photographer answers this question will tell you a lot about their style, personality and adaptability.  It isn't necessary for a great photographer to have shot at your venue before but they should be familiar with the challenges and opportunities each venue creates. - https://celladoraweddingphotography.com/

7.  Can you walk me through your process?  This gives me a chance to explain the entire wedding process start to finish so we are on the same page, because in the end if they don't like the process it doesn't matter have beautiful the photographs are they will be unhappy. - Stephanie Walls of Stephanie Walls Photography

8.  How does your contract protect me (as the consumer)? - Kimberly Workman of Makin' Pictures

9.  How long have you been photographing weddings? Say my event runs longer - will you stay? What would be the extra cost?  How long before I see my previews on line? How will the photographer and assistant dress the day of my wedding? What is the deposit to hold my date and payment schedule? - Koloski Photography

10.  If it is a studio that has more than one photographer, it is important to ask....Is the work I am looking at here the work of the photographer that will be attending my wedding?  If it is a one man studio.....what happens if you are sick and cannot attend on the day, do you have another shooter as a back up and can I see samples of their work? - Creative Clips Photography

11.  If files are included, what is your copyright / usage policy:

  • can I make my own prints? can I share with family/friends? can I distribute files to my vendors directly? can I post on social media? can I alter them with filters on instagram?
  • will all the files be processed, or just a selection of my favorites?
  • when will I receive the high-resolution files?  do they need to purchased separately? do I need to purchase an album or print package to receive them?

Wedding Creativo Photography

12.  Couples should always ask to see an entire wedding that a photographer has done. Anyone can get a few lucky shots to feature on his or her website, but an experienced professional will be able to show consistent quality under a variety of different environmental and lighting conditions throughout the day. Seeing a complete event set will also provide a good idea of the photographer's visual storytelling style. - Jennifer Janviere Photography

13.  The most important question I find is not one necessarily directed at me (the photographer), but what the couple should ask themselves. Do I feel comfortable with this photographer?   I tell all my clients that if you are not comfortable with who you choose your pictures will show the stiffness of being uncomfortable. - www.momentimagery.com

Still struggling to find the best wedding photographer?  Here are 50 of our picks for some of the best wedding photographers.  Check them out to capture the memories of your dreams!

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