Everything You Can Expect from Your Caterer Leading up to Your Wedding

One big component of planning your wedding is figuring out the food. Find the right caterer and you’ll find that the process is super simple and the food is delicious for all your guests. To help ensure you find a great caterer, here is what you should be able to expect from them leading up to your wedding day.

A Full Quote Breakdown

When you get the quote from your caterer, it shouldn’t just be a round number on a piece of paper. Rather, it should be properly broken down so that you understand where your money is going. Common expenses include lien information, food costs, and bar fees. It’s perfectly normal to want to see where all your money is going to.

Sampling of the Options You Want on Your Menu

Any good catering company will offer you multiple options for food. When you relay your wishes for the type of food that you would like to have, they should be providing you with sample dishes. This means that you can taste-test the most likely food that you’ll have served at your wedding. Any good caterer will have no problem providing you free samples as they know that getting your wedding contract is well-worth their initial investment.

Menu Options

There are three main types of wedding caterers. There are ones that have a pre-set menu that you can choose from. This is great for those who aren’t really into customizing the food options. There are caterers who do solely custom menus where you pick all the options that are offered. And, the third type of caterer is one that utilizes a mix of both pre-set menu options with customized ones as well.

A Meeting with the Chef

While meeting with the food coordinator is a must as they’re the person that you’re going to be talking to the most, you shouldn’t settle just for them. You should be talking face to face with the chef that will be preparing the dishes. They’ll be able to explain to you how they prepare the food, what style food you want, and so forth.

As you can see, there are many specific things that you can expect from any good catering company. If you have trouble getting these things from a particular caterer, simply switch to another. These are common things that every couple should always expect to get from a great catering company for their special day.

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Comment by Audrey Maria on November 3, 2020 at 6:09am

Catering and Event Planning has never been easier. Being an Event planning company, we know the importance of catering in any kind of event. Thanks for providing details and services of a caterer in any event. We'll surely think about collaborating with you. Keep sharing nice stuff.

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