Every bride wants her wedding to be something to remember. She wants it to be one that her guests won’t soon forget. However the event shouldn’t just be memorable for your guests but your wedding party and your family as well. For many, trying to come up with ideas on how to do this leaves you scratching your head but don’t worry, we have some news for you. Here are the top 10 most awesome and fun ideas when it comes to weddings:

  1. Keep Your Wedding Program Simple – If your wedding will have a program then keep it simple. Your guests don’t need a novel detailing how your wedding will go. They are you’re guests and will go with the flow no matter what you do. So keep your wedding program down to the basics. (Photo: blog.thebecker.com)
  2. Remember the Kids – Dress up a table for the kids. While adults enjoy the wedding festivities, too often the kids get left behind. So remember the kids by dressing up a special table just for them. Make them feel special by having their own sitting area and include things like crayons and paper to keep them occupied. It makes them feel special and their parents will thank you as well. (Picture: Pinterest)

3. Save the Cost and Look Cool Doing It – Bartenders at a wedding may seem like the most logical thing but they can also be expensive. One unique way to still have your beverages while saving money (that could be used for your honeymoon) would be to forgo the bartender and serve your beverages in custom water coolers. You could also do this for non-alcoholic events as well. (Picture: TheHunt.com)

4. Never Forget the Grandparents – Your grandparents are often very special people in your life. Why not let them play a special role in your wedding? Make them the flower girls. (Pictures: thefullbouquetblog.com)

5. Jazz Up Your Cake Topper – Your cake topper can be as unique as the couple that it represents. So go outside the norm and get creative with your wedding cake topper. After all your wedding is a representation of you as a couple so make sure every detail speaks volumes of who you are. (Photo: Pinterest)

6. Have a Candy Bar – Weddings always have party favors but why not have a candy bar? Guests can fill their bags with candy and have a sweet memory of your wedding. (Photo: Etsy.com)

7. Go for Variety in Your Wedding Colors – While traditional weddings have a two color scheme, why not select a variety of complimentary colors? This is ideal when it comes to your bridesmaids dresses and offers some outstanding photos. (Photo: judypak.com)


8. Have a Pre-Wedding Field Day – Get together before the wedding and have some fun. A field day involves team work and a lot of laughter. It’s a great way to bring the wedding party together. (Photo: blog.freetobephotography.com)


9. Get Creative on Your RSVP’s – Let your guests have a say in what music the DJ will play. Add a song line on your RSVP cards. This is a great way to ensure that all your guests have music that they love at your reception. (Photo: blogs.mspmag.com)


10. Include Your Guests Two Cents – Let your guests give their “two-cents” by customizing your drink coasters. They make a unique     table decoration and make the moment fun for your guests. Plus it’s great for the bride and groom to reflect on what their guests wrote.


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