All You Need To Know About Floral Centrepieces

In Sydney, hiring floral centrepieces are one of the most important decisions that need to be made for the special event. There are various alternatives to it such as the floating candles, sand jar, seashells, and photographs, but floral centrepieces have solidified their place as the top favorite. It just looks so perfect as it is classic and timeless. There are numerous possibilities in selecting it. The selection can be traditional or modern depending on personal preference. 

There are a variety of species available to select from in different colors, sizes and the centrepiece looks unique with each combination. The main advantage of a floral centrepiece is that it has non-traditional options. When a couple has an expert florist, they can come up with the best combinations that are just amazing. 

Each place and events need different flowers that need to go with the theme of the place. When a couple has an expert on hands, they can ask the couple questions about their desires and create a perfect combination. It would result in a unique and beautiful looking centrepiece that would brighten up the place.  

The floral design has numerous options to offer. The florist uses both common and individual ideals to create a centrepiece. There are various principles involved in it. Here are the top principles involved.  

  • The design matters the most in any decorative item. The size and shape of the floral centrepiece are one of the most important things the florist needs to look upon. Then comes the location of the event and the materials to use. 
  • The centrepiece needs to be balanced. It needs to be in the right form and color. It needs to have the right amount of material and an equal amount of visual attraction. The right colors need to be chosen like dark heavy ones which are used for the lower part of the arrangement and the lighter ones which are used on the outer part. The contrast of the colors makes it look beautiful. It increases the visual appeal of the centrepiece. 
  • The scale of the centerpiece is also taken into consideration. The size and shape of the flower used at the top and centre of the piece and the ones that are placed at the center and bottom are thought about. Mostly, blossoms are placed in between the arrangement.  
  • The piece needs to be placed in the right manner to make it eye-catching. It needs to look like the focal point and every eye should focus on it. 
  • The blending colors and repetitive use of certain flowers make the container look perfect. The arrangement needs to be proportional to the container and the event. 

Keeping these factors in mind is really important while selecting a centerpiece. There are three styles that are largely followed by people when it comes to centerpieces.  

  • The oriental one uses asymmetrical balance that makes it the focal point of the piece. 
  • Traditional or western which uses different flowers in mass numbers. The pieces are symmetrical and the scale needs to be perfect to make it look good. 
  • The modern one which emphasizes on the desires of the couple. 

The style selection varies largely depending on personal preference. The clients often use asymmetrical ones to draw the attention of people. The unique flower used is placed to ensure it becomes the focal point and not just a showpiece. The flower size matters a lot as well. The design should be content and not too out of the ordinary.  

To conclude, having an expert florist to guide the couple to select the best options available is a great idea. There are certain aspects involved which only the experts understand. If an improper one is selected, it can completely ruin the theme of the wedding.  

If a couple is looking for floral centerpieces to hire Sydney, they should visit The Bride’s Table. They are experts at wedding decoration Sydney with immense experience and numerous designs to offer. 

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Comment by Roberta Rossi on April 4, 2020 at 3:21pm

Great advice :)

Always remember that the centerpieces follow the style and mood of your wedding.

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