Wedding: The Importance Of Props And Planning

The decor of a wedding is what makes it different from the rest. The welcome sign, the aisle runner, candelabras, and even the small tables and chairs are part of the decor that build the ambiance of your wedding. Depending on where you choose to keep your wedding, prop hire in Melbourne can help you figure out the best props for the location. For example, although a wooden chair will look lovely at a beachside wedding, it won’t necessarily look the best in an indoor setting inside a banquet hall.

If there were absolutely no props at your wedding, it would be impossible to be able to differentiate it from any other event. With a completely blank slate, if there are no props at your wedding, it will be less of a ‘life event’ and more of a dinner party. The bouquets, the altar, the ceremony arch, the aisle runner; these are all props that build your wedding around you and your significant other.


Designing your wedding can be overwhelming, but it can also be equally exciting. Although it’s important for you to take baby steps and decide where you want to begin with first, it’ll be best for you to map out everything you need before you actually get to it. If you know what you need and when you need it, planning out your wedding becomes a piece of cake. For example, if you’re planning to finalize the requirements for the wedding dinner before working out the complexities of the wedding itself, you’ll be able to finish out the more hectic part of the job sooner, rather than later. The wedding dinner brings a higher amount of guests, more intimacy and thought into the location and a much higher requirement for organised planning. Seating arrangements, the resplendence of the prop placement, as well as the escort cards are only part of the list of items that you will need to arrange in order to make sure that your wedding is not only a comfortable ground for your guests but also for you. 

Wedding days can get confusing. There’s going to be a lot of guests, and maybe even people you don’t even know. That’s when the presence of welcome signs and escort cards comes in. Not only do these items help distinguish your guests from the rest, but they also help them find you in case you can’t find them. Realistically, you’re not going to have time to deal with the phone calls of any of your guests on your wedding day, and in order to prepare for the worst, it’s best to be prepared in advance. 

The only person capable of making your wedding day even a little less stressful would be a wedding planner. Working alongside party hires in Melbourne, wedding planners will be your best friends for the entirety of your wedding planning and execution. From day one, in order to help you decide and finalise the items you need, party hires will give you endless choices you need, and you simply need to finalize and implement. With the help of companies like, weddings become fun and casual experience as you coordinate with a team of professionals who are constantly at your disposal. 

If you have a plan and you have the props, your wedding is ready to be celebrated and turned into the grand event of your lifetime. The planning, the conclusive decisions, and the time you’ll end up spending with friends, family and your fiance, will truly turn out to be an enchanting process and will end up meaning so much more than just a wedding, and for you, these will be the memories of a lifetime.

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Comment by Roberta Rossi on April 4, 2020 at 8:24am


A wedding planner is an added value that gives security to the organization of your wedding <3

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