How to Choose the Right Wine for Your Wedding Dinner

The right wine selection is an essential element for ensuring a more enjoyable wedding reception. Spending too much on the wine or selecting options that clash with the menu plans and options are common missteps that you would do well to avoid. Arranging for a tasting and limiting your selection to just one or two wines makes it much easier to choose the one that is best suited for your wedding dinner.

Keep Things Simple

Choosing too many different wines in an effort to provide their guests with an expanded selection of options is rarely a smart move. Electing to pare down the options to only a single red and single white has many benefits. Focusing on quality rather than diversity is often the best approach to take.

Always Sample the Wine Early

Waiting until the last minute to find a wine can be disastrous. From being able to source wine in sufficient volume to making sure that your vintage can be better paired with your catering and meal options, it is always best to make your selection early on. Sampling different vintages and attending multiple wine tastings can also allow you to explore a range of social event venue options that include their own wine and dine services.

Planning the Menu

Your choice of wine, spirits and even dessert and appetizer options can be an essential part of your meal and menu plans. Always double-check to make sure your wine selection pairs well with not only the main entree, but any menu options that may need to be provided for vegans and those with special dietary needs. The right wine will help to highlight and showcase the best elements of a meal and vice versa.

Work Within Your Budget

Even small weddings typically entail considerable expense and finding ways to minimize costs can become extremely important. You would do well to remember that less expensive wines can be just as enjoyable as their high-dollar counterparts. Limiting your selection to a single red and white wine can allow you to use unopened bottles as a gift item for your guests.

With so many different concerns that all need to be addressed in order to plan the perfect wedding, it becomes easy to overlook something important. Finding the right wine early on means one less thing to worry about once the wedding day arrives. Staying focused on just one or two wines, tasting and sampling your options and making sure they are well-suited for your catering options and menu plans makes it much easier to choose the right vintage for your wedding dinner.

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