Guests Traveling From Out of State? How to Accommodate Your Wedding Party

If you are hosting a large wedding, there is a good chance that you have a handful of guests coming from out of town to celebrate your nuptials. To thank them for their effort, it is a good idea to make this experience as easy as possible. Here are four ways to accommodate those guests that are traveling from out of state for your big day.

Provide Them With all the Details

It can be overwhelming to travel out of state for a wedding. Make it a breeze for your guests by ensuring that they have every bit of information that they need to enjoy a fabulous trip. Providing each guest with a printed itinerary of the weekend is a good first start. It is also a nice touch to give them recommendations for restaurants, activities, and other items that they might find of interest while on your home turf.

Make Transportation Easy

You can also cater to your guests by providing a bus charter for all of the wedding events. This will take the onus off of your guests from having to navigate strange roads or deal with driving late at night. They will surely appreciate it if you take the driving off of their hands so that they can fully enjoy all of the fun of the wedding.

Surprise Guests With Welcome Bags

There is nothing better than checking into a hotel room and having a surprise welcome bag waiting for you. It does not have to be fancy or expensive. Even a bag of homemade chocolate chips cookies will be a welcome gift to the weary traveler. Local goodies also make fantastic additions to welcome bags. Be sure to include a handwritten note thanking the guests for their participation in the wedding.

Host a Few Meals

In order to alleviate some of the financial burden for your guests, you may want to consider providing a few meals outside of the wedding reception. Good ideas include inviting all out of town guests to the rehearsal dinner or providing a parting brunch the day after the wedding. Not only does this help them financially, but it also provides more time to enjoy their company.

While these steps are not significant on their own, they can make a big difference for the wedding guests who have gone to a lot of effort to be there for you during this special time.

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Comment by Chicago Wedding Music - Drsmusic on July 3, 2021 at 3:06pm

Wedding guests and wedding bands all are a problem to get from out of state, thank you so much for these helpful tips!

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