4 Post-Wedding Tasks to Remember to Include in Your Planning

Perhaps the best part of planning your wedding is choosing the colors that you'll use, the decorations, and the attire. Although you might think that the reception is the last step of wedding planning, there are a few more tasks that you should consider completing. Here are some ideas to include on your planning list.


Once all of the excitement has settled from your wedding and reception, you need to make sure all of the vendors you hired are paid and tipped. Talk to the vendors about any issues that you or your guests experienced, praising them for a job well-done. Look over all of the details of the contracts that you signed to make sure all of the equipment was sent back as it should have been and that all of the time deadlines were met.

Thank Your Guests

Take the time to send personalized note cards to thank your guests for coming to your wedding and reception. If someone only sent a gift, make sure you send a note to that person as well. Consider including a small picture of you and your spouse in the card or even a picture of the guest if one is available.

Wedding Cake

A fun tradition is to freeze the top of the wedding cake. It can be placed in a container and put at the back of your freezer until your first anniversary. On the night of your anniversary, enjoy the cake with each other, reminiscing about the ceremony and celebrating the love you share. If you have cake left over from your reception, you could take the extra pieces to a community shelter or an organization that offers food assistance.


All of those flowers from your ceremony and your reception can be used in a variety of ways. Make small bouquets to take to a local nursing home as residents usually like to get simple gifts to brighten their day. You can freeze a few petals or have petals sealed and kept in a wedding album. Another option would be to donate the flowers to someone else so that they can use them for their wedding.

Your wedding should be a special day that you remember. However, you don't want to forget a few tasks after all of the excitement. A way that you can keep track of everything you need to do is to make a list that you keep with your pre-wedding tasks so that everything is completed.

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