Creating a Custom Engagement Ring? Tips for Choosing Details to Fit Your Style

An engagement ring can be one of the most important pieces of jewelry to give and receive, marking a life commitment and being worn constantly. For these reasons, it is important to choose wisely, and in some cases creating a custom engagement ring that perfectly fits the style of the recipient.

If you are interested in creating a custom engagement ring to pop the big question with, these are some tips for choosing the details necessary for handcrafted jewellery.

Know Her Style and Preferences

The best part about creating a custom engagement ring is getting to create something that is unique to the person that is receiving it. Take some time to pay attention to her preferences when it comes to jewelry and especially the rings she wears. Some individuals like wearing certain types of designs over others for reasons that include comfort, aesthetics, and appearance.

Use a few of her favorite pieces as inspiration and to guide your choices, such as what color metal she prefers to wear, if diamonds alone are something she likes, if a certain style of setting appeals to her more. All of these style choices need to be considered when creating a custom ring.

Consider Materials and Gem Size

Once you have an idea of style and preference, it is time to make choices about the materials of the ring and types and sizes of gemstones. All of these choices go into designing the perfect ring that will become a keepsake and possible a family heirloom. Does her ideal wedding include yellow or white gold, or another metal altogether? Is a large diamond in a specific cut what she's envisioned or are several more ideal? Many women love the idea of other gemstones being included in the engagement ring too, and everything from the stones you pick to the type of metal to the design molded and the message engraved can be customized.

Determine a Budget

Your budget will determine just how much customization detail you can include in the creation of an engagement ring. Every choice of material and additional design element goes into the cost of a ring like this, so before you even begin the design process determine a budget you are comfortable with. Make smart choices when it comes to where the bulk of the budget will be spent in order to design a ring as close to your ideal choice as possible.

Designing an engagement is a process that shouldn’t be rushed. Make sure you look at all your design options and choose something that will be long-lasting and cherished. 

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