Looking for Engagement Rings? Buy a Piece of Estate Jewelry!

If you’re planning to propose to your girlfriend, we think a large part of it would actually be about picking up the perfect engagement ring and less about raking up the nerves to propose. This is a moment you’ll both remember for the rest of your lives. The ring has to be perfect, not in the sense that it has to be expensive but because it has to symbolize the union of two individuals for a lifetime or more.

You must have scoured through all the stores in the city and through all her magazines just for a hint of what she’d like. Well, if you’re stressing looking at all these designs just to realize that the one you actually you like is out of your budget. Well then, don’t fret because we have a solution for your worries. Not only can we help you find a great ring but make sure that you don’t blow right past your budget.

How does one do this? Well, it’s quite simple if you really think about it. A lot many people are against the idea of using a secondhand ring for their new beginnings but it’s not a bad idea at all. We are going to list a few reasons why buying an estate engagement rings from reputed jewelers is a pretty good idea.

Let’s see why:

The craftsmanship- Earlier, jewelers paid a lot more attention and invested a lot more time in creating jewelry pieces. The ring would mean something to the couple and the jeweler would want to give them something of actual worth rather than create multiple replicas of a single piece.

The craftsmen earlier had skills which are now either lost or are rarely used due to most jewelry being machine cut. The cut and designs which you find in estate or vintage jewelry are seldom found on modern rings. The craftsmanship and the excellence of it alone is reason enough to buy your better half that brilliant estate ring.

The worth- Both in terms of clarity and cut as well as in terms of the financial investment, vintage rings are going to be a great buy. Whatever your budget be, vintage rings are going to let you buy more diamonds than any new ring ever could.

Plus, often you find the classiest gemstones, anywhere from sapphire to diamonds or rubies in estate engagement rings from reputed jewelers such as Israel Rose at newyorkestatejewelry.com. This means that you get a bigger ring for the same price.

The story- While a lot of couples fear bringing bad luck to their marriage by wearing estate rings which may have had an unfortunate past; this is something which should be laughed off. Not only will you get yourself a beautiful and rare ring but you can also end up inheriting the charming story behind it.

You can instead bring in the good luck and love from their marriage into your own.

So, if you’re confused about rings, try an estate ring today!

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