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Please share some of the popular color schemes you seen at weddings, heard about or would love to see for this year?

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Hello! Mango (orange) & turquoise will be hot colors for 2010 weddings. In response, we have posted the following youtube video: The Best Wedding Reception Color Ideas - Mango (Orange) & Turquoise
The billion dollar question! These ideas are striking! I love the openness to color. Luckily, in my business I get to work with so many different venues and the bride herself. (I make flowers out of ribbon, very classy and elegant and time tested since the 1600's). I can make flowers that can carry out any theme and used in all areas of the wedding: the bouquet, the shoes, the dress, the boutonniere, the cake, place card holders, invitations and veil.
Damask (in mostly black and fuchsia) has also been extremely popular among our brides and planners for 2010. Video on Damask:
Well with all the hype about turquoise being the new it color I felt inspired to create a you go!

Utterly amazing. 

I see shades of purple everywhere!
Hi Everyone we are chocolate fondue falls chocolate fountain hire

we go to weddings every week and sometimes in the week, last year i think the most popular colour was cream and gold
lilac and coffee and cream

this years bookings we have a lot of fountians booked in purple , lilac and pink

hope this helps
I think it's going to be Turquoise. That's the color of the year and is said to bring good luck for the year 2010. This year is the year of the metal tiger and the element plays around fire. Anyone getting married this year will have a passionate but fierce relationship. Turquoise which is the color of water will balance things out in contrast with the element of fire.
I am torn between a light brown (everyone is doing "Chocolate"), and either cobalt blue or turquoise. I love all shades of blue. :)
Mauve, Gray, and a return to the pastels--aqua, blush, powder blue, buttercup....
We are seeing a lot of deep purple, either mixed with a hot color like orange, red or yellow, or with other shades of purple incl. lavender and plum.
I just love these two colors or no wedding! A bright yellow featuring navy blue makes such a great color combo. I love the vibrant yellow sunflowers, the coziness of the navy blue and the outdoor atmosphere of this palette. This is something I would definitly consider for my wedding!


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