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10 Creative Ideas for a Medical-Themed Wedding

You’ve already made a covenant to provide the best possible care for your patients. You’ve been stretched to the limits of compassion, understanding, and empathy. Sacrifice in the name of a greater good is your daily routine.

Nothing can fully prepare you for the adventure that is marriage, but being a healthcare worker comes pretty darn close. And if both of you work in medicine, why not get creative and celebrate that integral part of your lives with a medical-themed wedding? Here are some ideas to get your imagination going.

1. Nursing-themed Wedding Invites

Instead of "traditional" wedding invitations, custom-made invitations (i.e., invitations with a picture of a stethoscope in the shape of a heart on the front) provide a unique (and fun) way to announce the upcoming event. Even better, customize your RSVP card with funny response options. Bonus points if you include an on-the-job inside joke.

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2. Create a Website

Wedding websites are a great way to announce your upcoming marriage. You can create a portal for guests to RSVP, include information on the wedding and reception addresses, and upload your engagement and bridal shoot photos. The best part: you can give it a medical theme. Creatively use vlogs (video logs), live tweets, Instagram feeds, animations, etc. to hype the wedding while reflecting on your careers.

3. Start a Healthcare Education Scholarship

In lieu of wedding gifts, encourage guests to donate to a healthcare education scholarship in your names. If you and your sweetheart are already established in your medical careers, chances are you don’t need a toaster or set of towels. Creating a nursing scholarship for the healthcare school(s) where you earned your degrees is a wonderful way to give back and lend hardworking medical students a hand. It’s also a beautifully appropriate way to celebrate a couple who has already devoted their lives to the service of others.

4. Dr. Ringbearer and Nurse Flower Girl

Instead of forcing the kids to wear uncomfortable (but adorable) little tuxedos and dresses, why not dress them in scrubs and lab coats instead? This will definitely bring smiles to your guests, and it’s fun for the kids, too!

5. Write Your Own Vows

Many couples choose to write their own vows as an extra-special touch. As you compose yours, reflect upon your relationship and how your respective professions will strengthen you for the future. The vows don’t need to be obnoxiously thematic, but a brief mention of the careers—undoubtedly—brought you together is an elegant way to stay on-theme.

6. Ride in an Ambulance

Believe it or not, you can totally rent an ambulance. What’s better than arriving to your reception in an ambulance decked out with “Just Married” signs and streamers? Lights and sirens optional. ;)

7. Medicine-Themed Guest Book

As with healthcare, marriage does not take place in a vacuum; a loving, supportive community of people who uphold the couple in their commitment to one another is an important aspect of any wedding. Encourage them to record their well-wishes for your future in a scrapbook made with nursing-related stationery. Lots of cute designs, stickers, and more can be found on Etsy.

8. Themed Cake Topper

Cake toppers are losing popularity, but they’re still a viable option as an extra touch for a themed wedding. Use a pair of custom cake toppers decked out in full medical gear to make it extra memorable. Or, if cake toppers aren’t your thing, themed cakes are always popular.

Source: annacrafts on Etsy

9. Rent a Photo Booth

Guests will be taking pictures anyway; give them a place to do it while dressing up in lab coats and stethoscopes. Encourage them to print an extra set of photos to stick in the guest book!

10. Themed Favors

Send guests home with little “first-aid kit” wedding favors. Stock them with candy "thermometers," mint "aspirins," etc. — getting creative at the candy store is a good way to relieve stress as your wedding day approaches.

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Comment by Suzannah Price on June 22, 2017 at 8:55am

So cute! I love these! Particularly the idea about a medical cake topper. So clever and cute--thanks for these! :)

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