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For the bride and the groom, the wedding planners are nothing less than a fairy godmother who miraculously sets everything to its place on their big day. In reality, these planners do not have any wands which can perform the job for them just with a wave. A lot of effort and creativity goes into turning the day into a memorable one keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of the couple.

Amidst all this, there are numerous misconceptions about the wedding planners which circulate around us. Some of them have been mentioned below and debunked:

They only care about their payment.

People who believe in this have never actually come in contact with a wedding planner. This business is only about relationships and to care about the happiness of the couple. Not only do they keep the preferences of the bride and groom in mind but keep the family and friends pleased too. It is impossible to stay in the business if a wedding planner doesn’t exercise compassion while dealing with his clients.

They are too expensive.

Yes, there are wedding planners who charge a very high rate and are exclusive to the rich and famous but the majority of the planners work with a wide variety of budgets. They offer different packages and services for the couples to choose from. One can always tailor their services according to personal need or desire. As a matter of fact, they can actually help in saving money too because of their good relations with all the vendors. There are high chances that the same vendors would charge you a hefty sum of money if you yourself go to make the bookings whereas the planners can avail special discounts because of their consistent dealing with them.

They take over weddings and make them all about themselves.

A wedding planner will not try to make a wedding his marketing strategy. He will only do what he has been guided by the bride and the groom to do so. By putting in his creativity, skills, and hard work, he only manages to bring out the best in the wedding arrangement. All the ideas and themes used by him represent the couple in one way or the other. He markets himself in the best way by delivering the best but not going against the choices of bride and groom.

Planners do nothing special, I can rely on Pinterest ideas and my own DIY skills.

There are so many stresses and responsibilities involved when you are getting married. On top of it, if you choose to organize the event as well then you’ll only be adding more burden on yourself. The couple needs someone to take care of everything while they truly enjoy the moments when they share the vows and tie the knot.

The wedding planners are only there to make everything perfect for you so hire them without giving a second thought to these misconceptions.

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