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Ditch the Clichés: 3 Fantastic Gifts Newlyweds Will Actually Use

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You’ve just received an invitation to a shower and/or a wedding. You’re really looking forward to going. So, what will you give the couple? The invitation indicates that they’re registered at a store and you go online and check out their selections. You see mostly housewares along with a few appliances. It’s all very nice and practical. And, already, you note that other guests have already purchased many of the items.

You could always purchase a set of knives or perhaps some picture frames. They’re also nice and practical. The couple, however, is special to you and you want to give them something that expresses your feelings. Something different – something they’ll really like using.

Here are a few unique and unexpected gift ideas a newlywed couple will absolutely love receiving:

A Monthly Gift

For the first year of their married life, arrange to deliver a monthly gift to the newlyweds. There are loads of monthly gifts from which to choose, so it should be easy to find one to match your couple’s preferences. Here are just a few examples:

o             Cheese of the Month

o             Beer of the Month

o             Whiskey of the Month

o             Ice Cream of the Month

o             Dinner of the Month

o             Hot Sauce of the Month

o             Pizza of the Month

The couple will look forward to their special delivery and remember your affection and generosity every time they receive it.

The Internet is an excellent source for monthly gift ideas.

Something Personalized

A newly married couple will cherish anything adorned with their married names. At the beginning, the new name is one of the best parts about being married – it’s fresh and so much fun. There are a host of gifts that can be personalized. A few include:

o             Luggage Tags

o             Beach Blankets

o             Pillow Cases

o             Yard Signs

o             Bathrobes

o             Beer Glasses

Here’s an idea. Coordinate a personalized gift with a monthly gift. For example, if you give a couple Wine of the Month or Coffee of the Month, also give them a set of personalized wine glasses or coffee mugs. They will love using them.

The Internet and Etsy are excellent sources for personalized gift ideas.

A Professional Gift

A Professional Gift means pre-paying, covering the cost of, and/or arranging for a professional help the couple with something they may need. Direct examples of such gifts include:

o             Purchasing a Heating and Air Conditioning System, like those at ACSIS Airconditioning Warehouse

o             Purchasing a Space Heater

o             Hiring a contractor to install carpets

o             Paying workers to build a porch

While these gifts are practical, they are, still, fantastic gifts the newlyweds will absolutely appreciate. Plus, they will last for years to come.

The Internet and is an excellent source for professional services and personalized gift ideas.

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