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How to Make Your Honeymoon Night Something Extra Spectacular

The first night of your honeymoon is rife with anticipation. Even if the wedding, reception and traveling have you feeling a little tired, it is worthwhile to spend the time and energy to make your honeymoon night something special. Try these for tips to turn an ordinary night into something spectacular.

Enjoy a Romantic Meal and an Adult Beverage

Many couples are so busy on their wedding day and at the reception that they do not have time to eat. Plan to enjoy a romantic meal in your honeymoon suite. Let the hotel know that you are on your honeymoon. Order room service and include a bottle of wine or some liquor that you both enjoy. Toast your marriage, feed each other and sit too close while you enjoy the meal.

Use Sex Toys

Sex toys are a proven way to liven up the bedroom. If you have not tried them before, consider a simple toy that is gentle, easy to use and comfortable for one or both of you. There is a variety of toys to consider, such as dual stimulators or a toy that you can ride on. Some companies, like Adore Me More, know how much it can be to pick out toys together as a couple. Allow your spouse to control the toy's level of vibration or to change its mode during use.

Try Some Special Lingerie

Your honeymoon night is also a great time to select some special lingerie. You could surprise your partner with something he or she was not expecting, such as crotchless underwear or a bra with sheer cups. Lingerie for men is also an exciting way to enjoy your honeymoon, especially if he has never tried it before. If you are traveling, bring along a few different pieces of lingerie for each of you to try.

Make a Production out of It

Consider taking a slightly theatrical approach to your honeymoon night. Put on a stunning visual show for your partner. Arrange dramatic lighting. Get some seductive music going. Take your time removing garments and teasing your partner just a little. Making a production out of the experience not only makes it last longer, but it increases the anticipation and heightens the senses.

Remember that your honeymoon night is just one night of your marriage. You might discover something new about your spouse, which will help to make things more enjoyable for the next time. Take the time to enjoy and learn about each other. Continue to explore and excite one another so that every night in the bedroom is special.

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