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Newlywed Housing: More Durable Options for Your Kitchen Walls

The simple fact that you see your kitchen walls everyday makes choosing kitchen wall options a very personal matter for many new couples. You don't just want a starter house, most young married couples today want to start on a forever home right away. This can save you a lot in debt and future expenses, as well as make your years after the honeymoon easier to manage.

Besides settling on the wall finish that represents your personality and taste, there are several other factors you will have to be mindful of when choosing forever home features. Some of these factors include durability, resistance to harmful factors, ability to tolerate high temperatures, ease of care, and compatibility with other finishing materials. 


Ceramic or Porcelain Tiles

Ceramic tiles are a popular option when it comes to kitchen walls. Part of the reason for this is its ability to stand up well against water, a factor that contributes to its durability. The material will also give you room to create whatever look you desire. By mixing and matching colors, you will create a tile-like look. You can also choose to mimic the color of stone to achieve a natural look. This makes an easy-to-clean surface that will last for years.


Metal Tile

While the popularity of metal tiles had been on the decline, the material is now available in different textures and finishes. It is common to see stainless steel subway tiles in many kitchens today. This material not only promises durability, but will stick easily on the kitchen walls. 


Glass Tile

Having glass tiles on your kitchen walls will create a cool and urbane look. You will not only enjoy the long working life of this material but also a brighter kitchen, thanks to the reflective surface. The colors in the tiles are strong and will not fade easily even several years after installation. According to Floform Countertop’s showroom information, glass is also non-porous, a factor that eliminates the need to seal the tile and makes maintenance easy. 


Manufactured Stone Veneer

In general, choosing stone for your kitchen walls will add value to your first home. However, rather than going for real stone, you should consider installing manufactured stone veneer. This material is light and easy to cut, factors that will help you achieve the desired look within a short time. 


Cement Plastered Finish

This finish is prepared by mixing the recommended proportions of water, sand, and cement. It is then applied manually to deliver either sand faced finish or smooth finish. You can easily add decals, murals and more personal elements to this material.


Even as you choose a durable option for your kitchen walls, you should settle on one that will complement the kitchen cabinets, countertops, and other kitchen furniture. Beyond durability, this will ensure that your kitchen looks beautiful.Your first home can be a real success with these ideas. Use them to feel secure in your new place.

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