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Before I even get to your wedding isn’t there something that comes first? This is for the men, When you ask her to marry you wouldn’t you love to have a picture of the exact moment she says yes? That is a moment that can’t be redone. The excitement she feels at that moment is pure joy. Think and plan ahead. All of the engagement pictures can be taken anytime except the second she says yes.

Now Ladies, you know how much time you have spent researching to find out exactly how you want your wedding to go. Planning on where to get married and where the reception will be. What to have for the meal, table settings, etc. You will discuss it with your family, friends, Husband to be. When you have that “ah ha“ moment and it all comes together. This is when you can start putting it into action. But remember that you are getting married and have more plans to put together. With all l of this planning you most likely even see it until the reception.

Hopefully you have a Wedding Planner to set everything up for you. With everything that is going on you don’t need the stress of doing all of that. The Wedding planner can carry out your wishes. All vendors will check in with the wedding planner who will guide everyone so that everything is set up the way you want. The wedding planner can take a lot of weight off of your shoulders so you can work on the best part, getting married !

Being a photographer with your happiness in mind I will capture every detail of your wedding and reception just as you have planned it. I will photograph every detail down to the smallest item. Delivering pictures you will love and treasure for many years to come. Included in my prices but not mentioned is the fact that I will be there before you and photograph the details before guests arrive.

Introduce the photographer to the wedding planner so they can be on the same page as to what you do and don’t want. If the wedding planner knows that the photographer wants to photograph the details as they are set up they will make sure your wishes are met.

Here is a link to my wedding page on my website. You will find my wedding magazine in PDF form with 24 pages of useful information. The last pages are actual wedding photography checklists. There is a price list for photographers across the country and you will find actual reviews from another website and personal ones given to me.

Wedding Magazine

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