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As a soon-to-be couple, you will ultimately have to answer the question: do we hire a band or a DJ? Music plays a very important part from the ceremony to the reception. Not only does it set the tone and atmosphere of the event, it also unites all the other elements of the wedding.

You have so many options and so many factors to consider. Naturally, you will need some help in arriving to a decision. So here are the pros and cons of getting a full live Scotland wedding band or a modern DJ to dance to.

The DJ route

The best thing about getting a DJ is that the songs are sung by the actual artists. You will be able to dance to your favorite singer’s rendition of your wedding song. Your guests will also be partying to a wide variety of genres. DJs in Scotland can be very flexible with the number and variation of tracks that you want played on your wedding day.

Generally, DJs are also more affordable than bands. If you are using a smaller space for your wedding reception or if you just want to save a lot of space for the dance floor, to book a DJ is the ideal way to go.

Many DJs are so used to working behind their equipment and may neglect engaging their audience. Your guests may be bored and getting a DJ may feel similar to just popping a CD in. Because music is recorded, getting a DJ might lack the personal touch of a live band.

Before hiring a DJ, make sure to check out their other gigs first. See if they will be playing at clubs or events that you can attend. Observe their repertoire and how their audiences react to them. There are many DJ’s who are actual artists in their field. These are the ones who have the perfect balance of talent and personality.

The Live Band

There is a different vibe and life that a live band can add to your wedding reception. Many bands have superior sound quality. Hiring a band can be more personalized. They can adjust the tempo of your songs to match the pace of your wedding dance. Experienced bands interact smoothly with audiences. They are used to engaging audiences in their performances and in between songs.

Live bands can be expensive. You will need to feed, house and pay more people. Bands can be accustomed to a single genre and might not be able to make compromises and adjust to the genres that you would prefer.

There are many talented bands out there. It is best to get recommendations from friends and family as well as doing your research online. The best bands are often booked first so selecting the best band for your wedding should be one of the decisions you have to make early on. Many wedding bands in Glasgow have performance videos online that you can watch in advance. Make sure to run through specific choices in songs and style with your band.

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