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Sexy Honeymoon: 4 Tantric Ways to Fire up Your Hotel Room

You’ve been planning for the big day for months and are eager to get the formalities over with and head off on your honeymoon to connect with your new spouse. However, many newlyweds today are seeking more than a series of frenzied trysts and tropical cocktails, and they are actively pursuing the art of Tantra in their honeymoon suites. More than just about sexual intimacy, the 5,000 year old practice of Tantra is a spiritual practice that can transcend beyond the bedroom as couples engage on a deeper level towards enlightenment. Here are four ways you can ramp up the tantric heat on your honeymoon.

Do Your Homework

Hopefully, you and your betrothed have discussed your mutual interest in the tantric experience. If so, consider learning more about the practice together through books, online resources and instructional videos before your getaway. This will give you more time to explore one another in your hotel room instead of trying to figure out what to do. You may want to work on breathing techniques and explore some of the most common sensual positions that you’d like to try together.

Spice up the Experience with Sensual Aids

Part of the art of Tantra is to prolong the sexual experience and heighten the senses for greater enjoyment. By bringing in a few carefully selected intimate aids on your honeymoon, you can cleverly tease and taunt each other to close to climax without bringing them to release. Certain companies, like Adore Me More, know that when the time to climax arrives, sex toys can ramp up the fun. Using these throughout your normal practice can make things that much spicier and more fulfilling.

Intimate Massage

Incorporate a sexy massage into your tantric explorations. There are massage formulas with aromatherapy essential oils designed to enhance Tantra sessions and heighten the senses and elevate the experience. There are also certain types of fragranced candles that melt not into wax, but into a sensual erotic massage oil. Massage areas associated with the sex organs such as the abdomen, chest and pubic regions for the ultimate tantric massage.

Explore the Kama Sutra

Tuck a copy of this ancient text into your luggage and give some of the fascinating and satisfying positions to experiment with. However, only a portion of this book is related to sexual positions. The majority of the manual discusses other aspects related to life’s pleasures, the nature of love and family, and creating and sustaining mutual desire—all essential aspects of getting the most from Tantra.

While there’s much to explore in the tantric arts, these four tips will help get the marital fires burning during your hot and heavy honeymoon.

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