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Camille and Tom have been together for about four years now. Tom’s mom was relieved her son finally popped the question—and that his girlfriend said yes. Mrs. Clark always said she was fond of Camille, said she was the kind of girl her son should end up with. She was the responsible one, always thinking ahead.

Camille is my oldest friend, and I know that being with Tom brought out the best in her. I was super psyched this was finally happening. She was the last in our group of friends to get engaged. But the wait was totally worth it. 

We all went to the engagement party, cried and hugged the bride-to-be like most friends would. We all gawked at the ring -- it was a scene stealer!

I was so used to the iconic diamond shape that I didn’t realize there were other diamond shapes as well. Tom got Camille a Marquise-style diamond and it was unlike any of our engagement rings.

Image from PrimeStyle

I got even more curious and searched online. I found that there were a lot of diamond ring shapes - Pear, Round, Princess, Emerald, Oval, Asscher, Radiant, Cushion, Heart, Bagette, Trilliant. Below are my favorite shapes, what are yours?

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