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Tips for Getting a Rustic Honeymoon Feel Without the Tent

Many couples dream of embarking on a rustic style honeymoon right after the wedding. After all, what’s more romantic than being together out in nature, lying under the moon and counting the stars? While you might want to experience all your local beaches, forests, and mountains have to offer, you might not be so sure about spending this special time in a tent. Rustic and camping-style honeymoons can be luxurious if you know how to plan. There are several ways you can achieve that outdoor feeling and connection to nature you crave without roughing it in the wild. Here are some ideas to make your romantic honeymoon more styled to comfort.

Rustic Accommodations

Tents are certainly rustic, but there are many other forms of accommodations that can still feel rustic without depriving you of luxury amenities. Cabin rentals are becoming quite popular due to their charm, location, and added perks. Look for cabin rentals near your honeymoon destination. You may be surprised to find most look like plain log cabins from the outside, but are filled with everything you need to enjoy your stay. This includes free Wi-Fi, TVs, hot tubs, and fully modern kitchens and bathrooms. Many cabins also have access to pools, gyms, and spas. If you don’t need every luxury, even smaller cabins with simple kitchens can be a good way to keep your honeymoon smooth while still enjoying a rustic feel.

Arrive in Style

Arrive at your destination in rustic style. Consider turning your honeymoon into a once in a lifetime motorcycle trip. Traveling by motorcycle allows you to feel more connected with your surroundings. Imagine smelling the forest as you ride through the woods or fresh cut grass as you pass by country farm houses. The trick to a successful trip is to be prepared. This style of traveling is for experienced riders only. Motorcycle accident attorneys recommend you make sure the bike is in top notch condition and have all the necessary insurance and gear on hand before heading out. Maybe instead of a bike you choose to use a camping trailer or bus. If you already own one, this is probably a no brainer, but for most new couples, renting a small trailer for two can be a romantic way to stay wherever you want and still have a bed and kitchen on hand.

Rustic Activities

The activities you choose while on your honeymoon can greatly influence the type of trip it is going to be. A rustic honeymoon should include several outdoor adventures such as hiking nature trails, fishing, or enjoying dinner cooked over the camp fire. Your trip can also include a visit to the past. There are many living history museums that depict different time periods ranging from when the pilgrims first arrived, to the exciting inventions from the turn of the century. Choose something you both love to do and be sure it can be done wherever you plan to stay. If you want at least one fancy dinner, stay close enough to town that getting a 5-star meal won’t be a huge travel dip in your trip.

Try adding some of these suggestions to your honeymoon planning in order to achieve a rustic feel without sleeping in a tent every night. You just might find that a few simple details like where you stay, how you get there, and what you do can have a big effect on the overall trip.

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