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top 5 reasons why you need photo booth at your wedding reception!

1. Endless fun

Obviously, wedding photo booths are fun! The best thing about photo booth is that it will make it fun experience for all ages. I’ve seen everyone from kids to grandparents enjoy our photo booth. Bride and Groom should be the first ones to jump right into the photo booth session with bridesmaid and groomsmen. 


2. Social media interactive

Today, social media has become a trend, and it is a must-have feature. Guest can engage with photo booth to share their pictures instatntly along with traditional soft copies. sharing via Facebook, Twitter, Email, SMS are must-have features. GIF Photo Booth are also very trendy nowadays.  


3. Prof. DSLR quality photographs   

Today, most photo booth owners claim that they have DSLR plugged onto their photo booth but those DSLR are not professional gear, they are more of starter/amateur version of DSLR. It is important to check if they are using professional version of DSLR for highest quality photographs


4. Customized template

Customized template will add symbolic memories to photographs that guests can always relate to. Customized template can include your theme, bride name, grooms name, design, etc. you have a choice to customize as per your wedding requirements. 


5. Open Air concept 

Open air photo booth has taken over in past few years. Gone are the days of traditional encloded photo booth. Open air photo booth fit in anywhere at your venue. if you have plenty of space at your reception venue, then this is even better and bigger groups can take an advantage to get big group shots. 

So, i have listed the 5 reasons why you should have a photo booth at your wedding. what is your reason to have it? let me know, i would be curious to know that. 


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