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Top Cardinal Tips To Prepare Your Home For A Backyard Wedding

Having a wedding in your backyard can be a great way to save money, as well as giving the whole ceremony a more personal feel. It’s romantic to say your vows in the place where you will begin your lives together, and can also be very convenient for your friends and family. But if you’re going to go this route, there are a few things that you need to consider in preparation.

Plan the space

The first thing is whether or not you have enough space to hold the wedding in your backyard. You may not realise how quickly the space will fill up, especially with things like seating, a walkway for the bride, a place to stand for your vows, buffet tables, or so on. You have to consider this when first laying plans, or you may find that everything comes unstuck at the last minute. If your garden is not large enough, you can always ask some professional wedding planners to help you prepare your space better.

Choose your time

Having a wedding outdoors means that you need to plan very carefully about when you should get married. If you choose the winter or the rainy season, it’s likely that it won’t be too pleasant for you and your guests. In the summer, however, it may get too hot. You will need to consider putting up a marquee just in case the weather turns. You should also think about how the space will look. Do you have flowers that bloom at a certain time of year? Could you plant some to align with the wedding colour scheme? How long do they need to grow?

Prepare the area

When you are approaching the date of the wedding, you need to ensure that the backyard is ready for you and your guests. You will need to trim the grass, pull any weeds, and keep the flowers looking fresh. Trim back any shrubs or trees that have grown too far into the space, and put down new paving stones or decking if necessary. You don’t want to have all of the guests walking over the grass all day long – it could get very muddy and churn up the backyard into a state.

Dress it up

Even when you are holding a ceremony in your backyard, you still need all of the trimmings. Think about getting a wedding arch, as well as putting in lights for the evening reception and other features. You will need to put up a seating chart, directions if you have a big space, and so on. Everything that you would consider for a wedding in a registry office or town hall must also be considered here. You should also get in the seating and tables for your guests, and dress these appropriately.

Prepare the inside

A lot of people will be coming into your home on the day of the wedding. Many will have to go in to use the bathroom, and you may even be in a situation where the only entrance into the backyard is through the house. This means you need to pay attention to this space as well – if you feel it might be difficult, ask wedding planners or real estate agents from OpenAgent for some help in arranging the house. Dress it up in the wedding colours, leave directions and signs, and make sure the bathroom smells nice!

Having a backyard wedding can be so intimate and beautiful, but only if you do it right. Ignore these tips and you might feel like it’s just another barbecue in the backyard rather than the most special day of your life. Preparation is everything for weddings!

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