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Saree the Indian traditional wear remains incomplete without a good blouse. In fact, the blouse works as a complementary element that completes a saree and therefore this is given as much importance as a saree. At the present time, women don’t believe in wearing just something simple. Therefore, the neck designs of blouses play important role in making the blouses unique and with a unique blouse style, even a simple saree can look gorgeous. It means, the neck design of a blouse can contribute a lot to the overall look of the wearers.

Details of some popular styles of blouse neck designs:

  1. Square and round neck designs: These are the most usual neck designs of blouses and therefore women mostly prefer these styles in the regular wear blouses. These designs look great on both shorter and taller women and give the illusion of wide shoulders. The best thing about these designs is that these mostly come with different types of styles.
  2. Chinese collar neck design: This style of neck design became popular in the 80’s when Rekha wore blouses with Chinese collar in almost every film. Usually, this blouse neck style is a bit formal due to the less exposure of skin and this is why, this blouse style is really popular among working women.

  1. Oval and rectangular neck designs: These are two neck designs, which look perfect in women with short heights. This style actually enhances the personality of the short women while making the sarees look beautiful on them. Both of these necklines are available in a myriad of styles. So, wearers can choose the pattern and style on the basis of their preferences.
  2. Pot neck design: This is another popular neck design usually used in the designer blouses. Here the back neck of the blouse creates a pot like shape and the shape looks even better while attached with a knot or string at the top part of the neck.
  3. High neck design: This blouse neck design is perfect for women, who have thin and long neck. The best thing about this blouse style is that it highlights the best features of the wearers. Due to this reason, the blouses with this neck design style can be worn both in the corporate events as well as in the parties and different types of occasions and special events.

  1. Boat neck blouse design: This style of blouse neck design is completely in vogue these days. As a result more and more women are flaunting this style now at different events. The best thing about this style is that this looks great on almost every physical structure. Another great thing about this blouse is that different types of works are done in this type of blouse neck style.
  2. Halter neck blouse design: This is one such neck design pattern, which is highly preferred by the fashionistas, who don’t mind flaunting their toned up back. This type of blouse can perfectly be paired up with the net sarees and other types of party wear sarees.
  3. Backless off shoulder neck blouse design: This is the design, which offers off shoulder neck to the wearer without sleeves. This is considered as a bold style blouse neck and it offers a gorgeous and elegant look to the wearer. The best pair of this type of blouse is embroidered sarees.

  1. One shoulder neck blouse: This is another hottest trend of blouse neck. So, if you want to stand out in a crowd, then this style can be your perfect partner. This style is so bold itself that it can make any saree look one of a kind. But the best pair of this style is the net sarees.

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