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Though wedding parties traditionally include a flower girl, today's couples are shying more and more away from certain traditions. If you don't have any little girls in your family or among your friends there are alternatives to having a flower girl.

The main job of a flower girl is to toss petals as she walks down the aisle. You can skip the actual flower girl and just line your aisle with petals, preferably in your wedding color or colors. For a touch of creativity have the petals arranged in the shape of a heart or other desired shape.

Gender roles are being shaken up in today's wedding, so your flower girl doesn't have to actually be a girl. If you have a little boy in your life that you would like to include in the ceremony, he doesn't have to be a ring bearer. Instead he can fill the role of a flower “girl” by simply walking down the aisle with a “here comes the bride” sign. This can be just as charming and makes a great alternative to a traditional flower girl.

Alternatively, if you do have a little girl that you want in your wedding but you don't want her to be a flower girl you can still incorporate her into the ceremony by having her hand out programs at the entrance to the venue. For many little girls this is often less intimidating than walking down the aisle with all eyes on them.

Another compromise that many couples make is having a flower girl in their wedding but avoiding having her toss flower petals, which to some couples can feel like a waste of money. Some flower girls are instead given confetti to toss, while others walk down the aisle with a wedding balloon or a lantern in their hand. For kids this can be a fun alternative to the traditional duties of a flower girl.

Skipping a flower girl altogether is also acceptable if you choose not to have children involved in your wedding. Many couples prefer to scrap this tradition and perform their wedding ceremony without either a flower girl or a ring bearer.

On the other hand, since long held wedding traditions are quickly disappearing from society, not only are gender roles being shaken up but so are “age appropriate roles.” In other words, there is nothing wrong with making a teenager or even an adult your designated flower person during the ceremony. Teenage girls may be too young to be full blown bridesmaids but they can easily serve as an non-traditional flower girl.

Your flower person could also be a close neighbor or co-worker, or even a college roommate. This is a great way to incorporate someone special into your wedding at the last minute. The last minute addition of an older flower “girl” can keep you from shunning someone who you would like at your wedding. Ultimately it is up to you if anyone serves as your designated flower girl.

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