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Tips for Choosing Your Bridesmaid’s Dresses

To ensure that your bridesmaid’s dresses are flattering you will want to follow certain tips when choosing them. Though it is your big day, it is considerate to give your bridesmaids a say in the dresses they wear.

One of the most important…


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Choosing a Spring Wedding Venue

The springtime is one of the most popular times to get married. In some places, people are just shaking off the winter cold and everywhere grass is beginning to grow in and trees are budding with the promise of hotter months to come. So, how do you best choose a spring wedding venue and something that represents all the fresh new beginnings that spring…


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Appy Ever After: An App that Simplifies Wedding Planning

Wedding planning can be very stressful, but often times it’s the sheer amount of paperwork that is necessary to pull it all together that drives us the craziest. Wedding planning often involves an endless amount of creating lists, crunching numbers, and looking at venues, and all of that work stacked on top of each other can make you go gray in a big hurry. Fortunately, we all…


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Tips on Choosing a Wedding Destination

The idea of having a destination wedding has become very popular over recent years, and nearly fifteen percent of all weddings now take place somewhere far from where the bride and groom normally live. Before, most destination weddings occurred when a couple wanted to elope, but now they are in demand for very different reasons. There is something very romantic about the…


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Things to Do After You Are Married

The work doesn’t stop once you and your new spouse have said your vows. There are still certain things you will want or even need to do after your wedding has come and gone.

The first thing you will want to make sure you do is to save the rest of your wedding cake.…


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Alternative to Having a Flower Girl

Though wedding parties traditionally include a flower girl, today's couples are shying more and more away from certain traditions. If you don't have any little girls in your family or among your friends there are alternatives to having a flower girl.…


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Should I Have A Big Wedding?

You may be asking yourself whether or not you should have a big wedding. The truth is, the answer to this question depends on your circumstances. Do you have a lot of family members and friends that you want to invite to your wedding? Can you afford for your wedding to a big one?

If you are shy or withdrawn, having a big wedding may do more harm than good. However, if…


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Planning a Wedding with a Teacher

Most of the time when couples are planning a wedding, the vast majority of the work is done by the woman. However, since I happen to be an English teacher at a local high school, I wanted to have a lot of input on the way everything was put together. My favorite language subject is British literature, so I wanted to make sure that the majority of the decorations and other…


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Things to Consider When Hiring a Wedding DJ

Hiring a DJ for your wedding is an important task that you don’t want to rush through. Choosing the wrong DJ can put a damper on your wedding reception. Therefore, you will want to take certain things into consideration when making your choice.

When asking a potential DJ questions you will want to determine whether or not they are a full time DJ. If they are, find out…


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Low Budget Wedding Planning on a Time Crunch

Not everyone has the luxury of having months to plan their wedding. If you are planning yours amidst a time crunch and money is tight, you’ll need some low budget tips you can implement quickly.

There is no reason why you wedding ceremony need to be in a fancy,…


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Reasons to Get Married in Las Vegas

Though it may sound like a cliché at first, there are several great reasons to get married in Las Vegas. It isn’t a coincidence that Las Vegas is the most popular city in the world for weddings, there are many companies that have gone through painstaking steps to ensure that a Las Vegas wedding experience is like no place else on earth. Most people think of couples in a hurry…


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Pros and Cons of Having a Wedding Website

These days, almost everyone has a website. Whether you have a personal blog or run a small business, having a strong presence on the internet is vital to your success. When it comes to keeping your guests in the loop about wedding details, having a website is invaluable as well. There are many places that offer free wedding website tools so you can setup, manage, and host your…


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Planning a Destination Wedding in Scotland

For couples who wish to marry in a destination ripe with history, Scotland is a popular choice. In addition to its rich history it also boasts diverse landscapes that are breathtakingly dramatic, resulting in beautiful and memorable…


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The Legality of Wedding Sparklers in your State

With so many couples using sparklers at their weddings these days, many venues are adding in new rules about how they can and can’t be used. Most of the time, they are common safety practices that all venues should adhere to, but occasionally they have specific limitations regarding their use or prohibit them all together. That’s why it’s always a good idea to check with your…


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Staying Up To Date with Wedding Trends

a new wedding trendNearly every day in America there is a new wedding trend that takes center stage in the marketplace. Most of the time these trends are very short lived, but other times they can develop into new traditions that will forever shape the landscape of ceremonies and receptions…


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Promoting Your Wedding Business on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a well-known social network that has been growing in popularity recently because it is trustworthy and easy to verify your endorsements. Unlike other social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, it is very difficult for someone to just to create an account and fake a bunch of credentials. With other social networks, anyone can simply create a handle and do whatever…


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Planning the Bridal Shower Yourself

When it comes time to plan your bridal shower, you may find that it is easier to pull out your hair than to get everything pulled together. When you start planning your bridal shower, it can be easy to forget that taking your time and making it a relaxing experience is very important. You want your bridal shower to be fun, not a huge hassle that it stressful and not fun. It…


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Unforgettable Wedding Photos

Wedding photos are one of the few things you will have to remember your wedding that actually lets you relive the excitement. Many people spend weeks choosing their wedding photographer because of this fact, and for very good reason. Choosing a bad wedding photographer can be a really huge mistake that you’ll regret for the rest of your life, just like choosing a great one can…


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Promoting Your Wedding on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks in the world, and chances are that you, your friends, and your family all have accounts already. This makes it uniquely perfect for a platform to get the word out about your wedding as well as share stories and pictures after your big day has come and gone. There are a few things to keep in mind as well as some great tips that will help you when promoting your wedding on Facebook, and we will cover some of these things…


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Various Types of Color Sparklers

With so many great uses for sparklers, the demand for a larger variety and more colors has never been higher. An interested consumer can buy a whole slew of various types of color sparklers that run the gambit of purposes. If you want something affordable, very colorful, or very specialized, chances are that there’s something right up your alley. However, with so many options…


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