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Wedding season is finally on, and if you’re planning on getting married soon, you’re at the right place! Having in mind that wedding can be a costly experience, we offer you a perfect low-budget solution! A ceremony in your backyard may be the best way to achieve an intimate space and authentic vibe that reflects your personal taste. There are many ways to transform your garden or backyard into an enchanting outdoor retreat, and if you would like to know how to achieve that, stay with us. Here are some useful ideas and tips on how to organise an at-home wedding from your dreams.


Let nature set the stage

The fact that an at-home wedding can save you loads of money makes it one of the top trends when it comes to wedding planning. It truly offers endless possibilities, primarily when talking about foregoing the overall cost of booking a venue, since choosing the perfect one during a peak season is not the most pleasurable thing you have to do. Once you have decided where to organise the ceremony, make sure that there are two distinct areas where people can gather – the first one where the ceremony will be held, and the second one where the food will be served. It’s also important to decide where the altar will be located, since that part of the venue should be the most beautiful and attractive. Besides that, you should bear in mind the position of the sun – you don’t want your guest to be staring into it. After all, you want your wedding photographs to be as astonishing as possible, and squinting is definitely not the nicest thing to see on them.


Pick your theme

Rustic wedding theme has always been very popular among couples, simply because it’s so versatile and easy to maintain. Incorporating a gorgeous arch made of romantic flowers and stunning greenery is a must, as well as designing a unique backdrop that complements the venue even more. A casual wedding reception often requires a lot of chairs, so it may be quite difficult to gather the same ones for all guests. You can always use mismatched furniture or even hay bales – that’ll certainly add a touch of rustic to your theme! Besides that, you’ll save a lot of money on chair rentals.


Outdoor photo-booth saves the day

An outdoor photo-booth is getting more and more popular these days, thanks to the expansion of Instagram and other social networks. If you’re a fan of that kind of entertainment, you can always incorporate it into your after-party entertainment for all those who love taking silly photos and posting them so that everyone can see! You can either make one on your own, along with the props, or you can simply rent a photo-booth for the special day. You won’t regret no matter what you choose!


Homemade eat & drink goodies

Last but not least, food and drink are essential parts of any wedding reception. A backyard wedding opens up a lot of fun options when it comes to serving, so have that in mind while planning. Rustic wedding themes may require some unique ideas, such as cookies and tea among everything else. You can always opt for High Tea catering services, since this company really means business when this precious liquid is involved. They offer French hand crafted tea which is definitely what you need at your wedding reception, in combination with delightful sweet and savoury goodies, delicious scones, and finger sandwiches. You won’t go wrong with that one!

Here you go, our at-home wedding planning guide is right in front of you, so get ready to use it in the best possible way for your own wedding ceremony and reception. After all, it’s all about what you want, and if this is your cup of tea, go for it!

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