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How to Organize a Perfect Wedding in Hong Kong

Whether you live in Hong Kong, or you’re looking to organize a destination wedding, there are so many amazing locations and opportunities for the best wedding imaginable. So, if you’re looking to organize a wedding in HK, here are all the things you need to consider.…


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Unique Wedding Gift Ideas for Every Budget

Going to the wedding also means buying gifts for the newlyweds. Not every couple is the same, so obviously, they have different needs and desire when it comes to wedding gifts. In case you’re struggling with coming up with something original, here are some unique and affordable wedding gift ideas:…


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4 Essentials for your Big Day

Your significant other got on his knees and popped the question and you said yes. Who could be happier than the two of you at this moment? It is wonderful, indeed. However, there are some serious organizational issues ahead of you and a lot of planning in order to have the perfect day for the two of you and all your loved ones. The big date has been set and it’s…


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Top 5 Engagement Party Gifts

One would believe that wedding and engagement rules are as good as set in stone, but, like many other rules in life, they change rapidly. It’s difficult for everyone to stay up to date with the attest changes, and when you’re invited to a wedding or an engagement party, you might be puzzled and not know what the proper gift is. We leave the list of good wedding gifts for some other time and bring you a list of great engagement gifts…


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4 Perfect Gifts for the Bridal Shower

Your girlfriend is getting married and you’re stunned when it comes to buying the perfect gift for the shower. Choosing the right gift for your friend’s shower can be a real nightmare. The closer the friend is, the higher the expectations. Specifically, if it’s your first time, you won’t know where to start. On the other hand, if you’ve done this before, you may encounter a lack of inspiration and originality. Whichever the case, it can’t hurt to hear some new…


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Shaking Off That Extra Weight Before the Big Day

Your wedding day is approaching and you’ve just realized that you can’t fit your perfect suit? You can change this situation, but it depends on how much time do you have. If there are a couple of months in front of you, you can make some significant changes. But if there are only a couple of days,…


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Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Totally Love

The lovely traditions that make your special day all the more memorable abound from one culture to another, but one common issue remains: how can you make your guests happy without breaking your budget or turning to a cliché for your wedding favors? These little tokens of appreciation from…


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5 Mistakes You Can’t Afford on your Wedding Day

Every bride who’s already had her big day will tell you that, regardless of all the small glitches and even unexpected turns of events, it was still the most magical day of her life. Well, this one goes for all the brides-to-be. The best possible way to avoid these glitches and have a day as magical…


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Choosing the Best Caterer for Your Big Day

Getting married is supposed to be one of the best things that have ever happened to you, but all you seem to be feeling is stress. There are so many things to do and decisions to make, one of them being the choice of a caterer for the reception. If you’re wondering what to take into account when making this particular decision, here is some precious advice for you.…


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Your Perfect Groom – Top 4 Must-Haves

Wedding are, to put it mildly, stressful. There are a million things to worry about, and most traditional weddings have the bride bending over backwards to accomplish it all without going utterly insane from all the planning and the nagging she is subject to from various friends and family members. The groom mostly leaves her to it, feeling out of his element and not really wishing to contribute to all the stress. While it’s completely understandable, it can…


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How to Choose Your Dream Wedding Dress

A stunning bride is every bride who is happy and smiling on her wedding day. But each bride has a different opinion about how she wants to look like on her big day, and that look is usually planned out to the smallest of details months – if not even years – before the actual wedding. On the day of her wedding, every girl is put together from head to toe like never…


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Boho-Chic Wedding Flowers for Free-Spirited Brides

Weddings are lighthearted, beautiful occasions, where everyone wants to look and feel their best, surrounded by something beautiful. Especially if you are hosting a bohemian wedding, you want as much connection with nature as you can, and what better way to do that than to fill your wedding with nature’s best: flowers. But why stick just to the bouquet that will be in…


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Ways to Organize a Perfect Gold Coast Wedding

It’s finally time to make your love official and celebrate it with your friends and family! Wedding planning and organization can be a lot of fun, but it’s no secret that the preparations can get a bit stressful at times. Therefore, it’s very important that you figure out the essentials one step at the time. Once you announce your engagement, the planning should start as soon as possible.

Choose the best venue

One of the most popular locations for a dreamy…


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Planning A Dream NYC Wedding

Wedding in New York in the Fall, is there anything more beautiful. From the setting and energy to the great food and magical photo ops. A lot of women dream of such a day. However, it takes a lot of planning and hard work to get everything you want in a city that never sleeps.


So let's see what does it take to plan a dream wedding in the Big Apple.…


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Fun Ways to Personalise Your Bridesmaids’ Gifts

Weddings are wonderful, yet stressful events, and you know who is there to help you get yourself together during that turbulent period? Your bridesmaids, of course. To thank them for their help, it is customary to give them a gift. And since they are so special to you, you surely wouldn’t want to buy generic ordinary presents for them, such as a pair of fake pearl earrings. The gifts for your bridesmaids should always remind them of your friendship and the celebration of your…


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5 Important Social Media Guidelines for Your Wedding Day

Social media is a great invention, but you don’t want your entire wedding party to spend the whole evening on their phones, tweeting, scrolling through Instagram and watching funny videos of cats. If you want your guests to actively participate in your wedding you have to set some rules and boundaries. Here’s a little social media guide for your special…


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The Guide to Caring for Your Wedding and Engagement Rings

In most ancient cultures, a ring signified eternity, something that goes on uninterrupted, and is meant to remain unbroken. In Egypt, to give a ring to a woman, meant to gift her with immortal love. In Rome, a ring was a symbol of ownership, a way to claim your soulmate as…


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Choosing a Perfect Venue for Your Wedding

While every other wedding-related aspect is optional including wedding cake, outfits, flowers etc. a venue is something that cannot be skipped. Why? Well… you need a place to gather all your friends and family to celebrate, right?

Finding the right wedding venue is quite a task actually. There is a huge range of options, and this is probably your first wedding and you have no clue where to start. This is why we’ve created this ultimate guide that…


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Most Romantic Places to Have Your Dream Wedding

Picking out a dream wedding venue is not an easy task. This is especially true if you have in mind a destination wedding that would require you and all the guests to travel to another city or country. In the sea of the most beautiful destinations, it can be challenging to opt for just one. However, each one of them is unique and offers diverse venues that can guarantee a fairy tale wedding.…


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Wedding Organization Checklist

Regardless of how long you and your fiancé have been a couple, from the moment he pops the question till the ceremony itself, your head will be in the clouds and all the rush and excitement may cause you to feel lost when it comes to wedding planning. Even if you do leave your wedding organization to the pros, there are still some basic things that you can take care of. To help you not become overwhelmed with the…


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