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Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Totally Love

The lovely traditions that make your special day all the more memorable abound from one culture to another, but one common issue remains: how can you make your guests happy without breaking your budget or turning to a cliché for your wedding favors? These little tokens of appreciation from the bride and groom are a wonderful tradition worth including in your wedding ceremony, but they prevail as one of those pesky issues that riddle the wedding preparations with worry.

This is your worry-free guide for finding and making your own wedding favors that your guests will love and find a use for because the world is seriously already riddled with stuff that only takes up too much room. Think purpose, beauty, and authenticity, and the following will instantly be your top picks of the bunch!

Summer wedding comfort kit

Outdoor ceremonies and celebrations are a huge hit currently, and in fact have been for ages, but since many couples love summer weddings, you can at least make your guests as comfortable as possible with the help of your favors. For example, you can prep cute sunglasses to wait for them as soon as they arrive, or locally handmade fans with a message inscribed.

Then again, you can set up a small kit of both and a few more additions in case you have a small ceremony and not too many people attending, which will make them feel all the more special and pampered for the occasion!

Edibles in all shapes and forms

Nothing makes for a tasteful wedding (wee what we did there?) quite like a little bag of delicious treats waiting for your guests on their tables. Even though your wedding cake will steal the spotlight during the event itself, you can always pack bite-sized muffins, cakes, or cookies into little cellophane baggies with a little thank-you note attached.

For those who are certain that they don’t have any guests with allergies, you can even pick items such as chocolate-glazed almonds in the colors of your wedding theme, or little DIY s’more packs if you know your guests would enjoy such a tasty gesture.

Outside-the-box favors

It’s time to unleash your creative spirit and consider what your guests would genuinely enjoy owning and could use in their everyday lives. If you are friends with many fitness freaks, wouldn’t they love to have an (or perhaps another) insulated water bottle, or a spill-proof cup for wine aficionados? Take your time to find unique gifts that take into consideration the gift-giver and those for whom such gifts are intended – and they will be based on purpose and fun alike!

You can also choose from a wide variety of quirky items such as flower seed packs for your guests to grow on their own, a batch of nail polish for the ladies and socks for the gents, or scented candles for everyone. Mugs with personalized quotes and little wooden coasters with messages also make for great picks that pair taste with originality!

Pass it forward

Are your guest's generous people themselves? Then you can also consider the option of not getting them an actual, physical gift at all. Instead, you can make a little donation in the value of each individual gift, and make a little note saying precisely to which charity the money has been donated.

If you have a large wedding party with a massive guest list, then you can allocate the money to different charities that are close to your heart and combine that with wedding gifts. After all, if you are financially well-off, then asking your guests to make a donation instead of purchasing a gift can add to the generous theme of your wedding – you can all make a difference one favor at a time.

Pampering kits

Your bridesmaids are not the only ones who will appreciate a beautifying favor they can take home with them! Take into account the season in which you are organizing your wedding party in order to choose the best possible beauty options both for ladies and for gents. A universally beloved pick is a soap bar, which can come in a wide range of manly and feminine scents of your choice.

Other options include lip balm, handmade or store-bought, but also very nourishing both for summer and winter weddings alike. Even a tiny jar of hand cream can be a good choice, or little bottles of locally-sourced honey or essential oils – both of which will be used with pleasure, and you’ll also contribute to developing your local economy by giving a free marketing campaign to your favorite honey-maker!

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