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Shaking Off That Extra Weight Before the Big Day

Your wedding day is approaching and you’ve just realized that you can’t fit your perfect suit? You can change this situation, but it depends on how much time do you have. If there are a couple of months in front of you, you can make some significant changes. But if there are only a couple of days, you have much less space for a change.

If you have some extra pounds you want to lose, it is recommended to change your way of life and start losing them slowly. But there are some things you might try out in emergency situations like this one. Here is the list of hints that should help you reach your goal.

First inform yourself on what not to do

Although it is important to know what rules to follow in order to lose extra pounds before the big day, it is also important to know what not to do. People usually feel pressured in this kind of situations, so they easily stop listening to constructive advice and try some questionable shortcuts.

Extreme interventions are never productive, so avoid fasting or skipping meals because you will increase the risk of overeating, which will put you even further away from your goal. Also, don’t engage in any kind of excessive exercise, because you don’t want to end up limping on your special day. Another thing you should avoid is those diet pills that always promise a miraculous weight loss in just a week, but never do such a thing.

Create a plan

It is fundamental to create a plan to get the most out of this kind of situation. Inform yourself about the activities you should try, and about those you should avoid. If you want to be sure that you will get the results you want, a smart thing to do is to try out a successful fitness program with proven results.

Engaging in the ONE3ONE program should be the right thing for you because it enables you to lose your weight in the desired time span. It is completely adjusted to your needs and it starts with figuring out what is the best for your body. You will be able to ask the team of experts any kind of question. You will also learn how your body functions, what exercises to do, how to arrange them, what and when to eat, etc.

Adjust your nourishment

A balanced diet is the foundation of every weight loss. While exercise improves the overall state of your body and accelerates your metabolism, food intake controls the amount of energy you are putting in your body. And a few changes in your eating habits can do wonders for your body.

Have three main meals a day and two small meals in between. Introduce some fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables to the table. Also fill your fridge and pantry with low-fat dairy products, complex carbs and nuts. Don’t forget to hydrate properly, but drink only water and tea. In order to achieve the desired results, you need to stay away from any type of junk food, so say goodbye to the French fries, soda drinks, burgers, nibbles, etc.

Try cardio and be consistent

The best way to lose weight is to combine a balanced diet with a day-to-day cardio exercise. You can choose among various types of cardio exercises, like running, speed-walking, cycling, swimming, skiing, etc. Whatever you choose, it is important to follow a schedule and engage in the activity every day.

The goal of every cardio is to get your heart rate into the target heart rate zone where your heart rate increases, you start to sweat and burn the calories. The most important thing for this kind of exercise is to be persistent and to do it every day.

It is important to implement these things every day if you want to reach the goal. Normally, you would be allowed to make breaks and have days off from your regime, but there is no time for that now. Your time is limited and every day is important, so be persistent and stick steadily to the plan.

You must be aware of the fact that you will not be in the mood to implement these hints every day. So every time your spirit breaks, remind yourself why you are doing this and imagine yourself on the wedding day. It is really worth it.

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