Unique Wedding Gift Ideas for Every Budget

Going to the wedding also means buying gifts for the newlyweds. Not every couple is the same, so obviously, they have different needs and desire when it comes to wedding gifts. In case you’re struggling with coming up with something original, here are some unique and affordable wedding gift ideas:

A spa weekend

There is nothing more romantic for a just married couple than to spend some time away from everyone while enjoying relaxing massage and other spa treatments. Wedding preparations can be stressful, therefore it’s important to take some time to decompress before starting to adjust to the married life. Every couple would be more than happy to get such a thoughtful gift. In case they don’t have any spa experience, you can even create a cute and creative spa guide, so they’ll know what to do. In case you can’t afford something luxurious, there are many affordable spas that you can book. Your friends will surely appreciate a few days of pampering and relaxing, so if possible, make it lush and swanky, so they’ll enjoy it to the max.  

Cozy bed sheets

Each and every couple needs comfortable and soft bed sheets, so buying this gift is definitely a good choice. Before you buy, be careful to choose the quality cotton with long fibres such as Egyptian or Pima. If you want to be extra sure that you’re buying good sheets, pay attention to the thread count. The higher the thread count, the softer the sheet. Of course, lower thread count doesn’t necessarily mean that low sheet quality, but in order to certain, be sure to get at least 200 thread count from a known brand that also has high certification standards. If you don’t want to risk it with colours and patterns, just get neutrally coloured sheets and make sure to get a receipt in case they’ll want to replace them for something more colourful.

Custom star map picture or a poster

This original piece of artwork depicts any memorable date written in the stars, literally. For most of the couples, it can be the day they first met, or their first date, or the day they got engaged. Also, you can wait after the wedding to give them an image of the starry sky of their special day. Whichever you choose, make sure to get the date and location right. This type of gift is definitely among more unique ones, and besides it also has a decorative purpose and is emotionally significant. You can even do it online and then have it delivered. If you want to be extra generous, you can also get it framed, so they’ll be able to hang it straight away.

Personalised bath towels

If there’s something we all need, it’s soft and fluffy bath towels. There’s no reason not to buy them to a husband-and-wife-to-be, but still, make sure they’re somehow special and unique to them. For example, you can get them embroidered his&hers towels with their wedding date or anything else related to the couple. This type of present is a perfect item for a creative and practical wedding registry since it can be used every day while still being a little exceptional. Your friends will definitely appreciate such a gift as it can serve as a reminder of their love and the day they decided to tie the knot. Besides from initials and dates, you can also embroider the towels with a quote, song lyrics or anything else that they can relate to.

Something for the kitchen

In case they’re moving in together for the first time, you can buy them something that’ll come handy in the kitchen. This type of gift is great as it’ll surely be used, just be sure to get something you know they need, like a coffee machine, toaster, waffle maker, a compost bin or an elegant kettle. Even if you consider these gift as slightly ordinary and common, there are always ways to make them more interesting. Choose a yellow toaster that’ll also serve as a great decoration piece for the kitchen, or a kettle that has a floral design. However, it might be a bit difficult to find these gifts, so if you want to be unique, be prepared to search a bit harder.

In summary, attending a wedding can sometimes be costly, but all of these ideas are suitable for every budget. Just try to get them something they’ll truly love and appreciate. Gifts are supposed to be cherished, shared and used, and your friends deserve only the best.

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