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Wedding are, to put it mildly, stressful. There are a million things to worry about, and most traditional weddings have the bride bending over backwards to accomplish it all without going utterly insane from all the planning and the nagging she is subject to from various friends and family members. The groom mostly leaves her to it, feeling out of his element and not really wishing to contribute to all the stress. While it’s completely understandable, it can also come off as uncaring and make the bride doubt herself. It also doesn’t fit her picture of a perfect wedding if her future husband ends up showing up in a mismatched suit because he couldn’t be bothered to put together a good look. So, if you want to make the day really memorable and make your fiancé happy, it’s important to know all the tricks and must-haves to be the perfect groom, the one she’s always dreamed of meeting at the altar. Need some help with that? Then read on.

The right attitude

Without it, the rest of the things won’t matter much. A groom who is never present for rehearsals, who doesn’t have a single opinion about the venue, the decorations, or the guest list is simply a groom who’s… difficult to be around. It’s very stressful to try and organize such a huge event without getting any feedback from the other star of the show. So, to please your partner (and have a much better time yourself), show interest. Get engaged, talk to her, dream together. Show confidence and happiness, and be willing and able to help. Oddly enough, this will make you look about ten times more attractive and charming.

The perfect suit

There’s nothing more attractive than a guy in a well-tailored suit. You have to find the one that will make you look sleek, polished, and give you that sexy charm, and you will also have to color-coordinate with your bride. Take a look at all the decorations, ask her about the kind of dress she will wear, and feel free to have her write down general directions and colors she’d like to see on you if you need some help. We recommend that you pick something that makes you feel comfortable, and of course custom men’s wedding suits are going to be your best bet here. Something that’s tailored exactly to your measurements so it fits like a glove will make you feel confident and attractive. Not to mention how awesome it is to have a good quality suit that won’t chafe or tug or make you wish you could take it off.

Don’t forget the shoes

Shoes are another thing that need to be perfect, and we recommend that you don’t stop until you find a blend of elegance and comfort. Something that looks good but feels uncomfortable will give you blisters and really make it difficult to have fun, and something that feels good but looks mismatched will only make you self-conscious. Black shoes generally go well with most suits, but if you’re wearing a light grey suit you could also pick shoes that are light brown or burgundy. More on how you can match your shoes to your suit can be found here.

Head-to-toe polish

The Devil is in the details. Your job doesn’t end when you’ve picked out your garments, and paying close attention to the little things will give you that much-sought polish and make you look like a true gentleman. Hiring a barber is encouraged because they can make your hair and beard look perfectly trim. Your accessories will also need to be perfectly matched, so make sure your shoes, belt, and wrist watch are in the same color family, and pick the right tie or bow tie to go with your suit. Don’t worry, if you’re not sure how to do it, either your tailor or your bride can help you out.

And lastly, remember to enjoy yourself! You’re about to marry someone you love and have a great life, so why not embrace that and start having fun with them? Plan together, laugh when you can, and the wedding will be perfect.

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